Kleancolor Product Review

Recently I did a Mini haul on ShopMissA, and accessory online store where everything is $1. That’s right ONE friggin’ dollar!! My penny pinching heart was in heaven. Now you’re not going to get sparkle sparkle diamonds at the highest quality but you will get some cheap makeup, costume jewelry, hair accessories and nail art stuff. Also S&H is $3.95 so it’s not that bad. Most companies use a base rate of $6.95, so you’re saving 3 bucks right there.

I got two colors of nail polish there from Kleancolor, an opaque matte black and a pretty pastel purple (lavender, but it’s called pastel purple on the bottle). I painted my nails on I believe Saturday or Sunday. On my ring fingers I used the “Pastel Purple” and on the other 8 fingers I used the “Madly Black” matte black. I didn’t use a base coat or a top coat either. It’s now Tuesday at 2 am and the only rigorous thing I’ve done with my nails is wash my hair earlier in the evening. I washed dishes for a bit but I use a scrubber with a handle so my hands weren’t really directly in water(and to be honest I didn’t wash that many dishes!).

Here’s how the colors fared:


As you can see the black just….yeahhhhh… The matte black isn’t everything I hoped it would be. The lavender however is keeping up fairly well. I’ve used a matte top coat on another brand of regular black nail polish and it chipped fairly quickly as well. Maybe it’s just the components of matte nail polish that make it kind of sucky. However If you’re going to do a quick polish for a night on the town the matte black might not be so bad. I want to try more of their pastel colors since the lavender turned out so well and I might actually give the matte blue a try, just for a test run. I’d recommend the “Pastel Purple” but not the Matte Black.


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