MOTD: Sugar and Spice

I created this look for my first day of spring semester (though I’m not sure why they call it spring semester if it starts in winter…) I like going for slightly edgy looks but I also like coupling it with some neutral tones. Neutrals are my go to, well they’re everyone’s go to, but I especially love using them! Let’s start with the brows:


I actually keep my brows pretty simple. I’m not an expert on brows either, in fact I have a hard time making them look perfect and natural without being overly drawn. No matter how many videos on Youtube I watch I always feel like I might not be doing it right. But today I felt like they looked pretty sexy. Watchout ’cause my eyebrows were on fleek! So I basically used 3 tools:

-A spoolie

e.l.f Studio Eyebrow Lifter and Filler ($3)

Clear Mascara or Clear Eyebrow gel ($1)

You could also use a setting powder, which is recommended. You can use a color similar to your eyebrow shade or a translucent setting powder. First I line/define the bottom of my eyebrow creating the basic shape and arch using the Filler side of pencil. My color is ivory/dark since I have black eyebrows. Next, still using the filler side I fill in the sparse areas of my eyebrows following the arch I created. Then the brush the eyebrow hairs using the spoolie. The front part of the eyebrow gets brushed upward as well as to the left/right (depending on which brow you’re working on) to feather out the edges. This helps with the natural look. The next 3/4 of your eyebrows should be brushed out to the side. Clean up any smudged pencil lines using a moist Q-tip or a makeup remover wipe. Then using the Lifter side of the pencil I outline the underside of my brow, concealing any mistakes and giving the brow that lifted effect. After that I blend the product gently into my skin using my ring finger. This helps create a seamless finish!

Now we move onto the eyes (my favorite!):


I didn’t add any filters or change the lighting so you can see the exact colors and shades. As you can see its mostly neutrals with a bit of a smoky effect.

Now here is a bit of a “splurge” item that I use. It’s Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow Primer Potion. The normal size bottle is $20 but I of course use the travel size/mini which is $12 at Sephora or Ulta. If you think $12 is a bit much you can try other eyeshadow primers from e.l.f or Nyx ($1 and $7 respectively) I have used all three and I just really like the Urban Decay one, It’s one of the few UD items I can afford and it lasts like 6 months(depending on how much you put on makeup)!

Anyway, using your ring finger add like 1/4 pea size amount to both eyelids. Then I use a combination or Too Faced Boudoir Eyes and the Naked3 palette from Urban Decay. Wait a second…isn’t this supposed to be makeup on a budget? What are two $30-55 palettes doing here?? That doesn’t make sense!! Here’s the trick both of these palettes are knockoffs. That’s right, knockoffs. But what about the quality???!! Same pigment quality and rich colors and tones, I swear buy it! Both these palettes cost me $10 on ebay. I figure since most company manufacture things in China, these are the real deal products but in some not so high quality packaging. The makeup is the same but now you don’t have to spend $50 for 12 eyeshadows. Try searching”neutral”, “nude”, or “naked eyeshadow or palette. Then you’ll get some items (that you can buy instantly) that have pictures similar to this:

The shipping is usually $1-2 or free. So using our knockoff palettes I start with the Too Face Boudoir Eyes palette and use the shade “Fuzzy Handcuffs”


It’s a matte peachy-caramel color that’s similar to my skintone. I apply it all over the mobile lid using a flat eyeshadow brush. Next using a fluffy blending brush or a crease brush I take the color “Garterbelt” from the same palette and apply it above “Fuzzy Handcuffs” in the crease area using a windshield wiper motion, gently sweeping back and forth.

I diffuse the color a bit giving it a hazy effect.

In the outer corner of the lid, using a c-shaped brush or a flat eyeshadow brush I mix “Voulez-Vous” from Too Faced and “Factory” from the Naked3 palette. I start from the outer corner a sweep in slightly, stopping before I reach the center of the eyelid.


Next in the outer V of the eyelid I apply “French Tickler” from the Too Faced palette using the same fluffy blending brush I used with “Garter Belt”. “French Tickler” is a sparkly deep brown/black color and using the left over “Garter Belt” softens up the color a bit so it’s not as harsh.


And finally for the highlight, I clean off the c shaped brush and add a little bit of “Strange” from the Naked3 palette on the browbone.Strange is a light ivory color with some pink undertones.


For the final touch I added two “splurge” items. My favorite mascara is Smashbox’s Full Exposure. The normal size tube is $20 dollars but again I get the travel size for around $10, also available at Ulta or Amazon. And I added a simple wing using one of THE best eyeliners from Physician’s Formula 2 in 1 Eye Booster. A full size tube runs around $10 and is definitely worth it! It can be found at Walmart, Target, K-Mart and Ulta.

And that’s the look! Super simple and if all products were brought together it would cost around $50 or so dollars. Buying all the products at once is a little much so add a little at a time to your collection until you have everything you need. You can also always use substitutes and if you find cheaper or similar products for less feel free to leave a comment down below. Until next time!

(Untouched Final Looks)


Side Note Lipstick is “Cold Hearted” from Nyx Wicked Lippies Collection ($6)


2 thoughts on “MOTD: Sugar and Spice

  1. Your makeup look is beautiful! I really like your blog, it is amazing 🙂 I just followed you, it would be great if we could support each other! I am so glad I got to discover you ❤


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