Quick and Easy Foundation Routine


This routine probably takes me about 7 minutes to complete. This isn’t as elaborate as my full foundation routine which I use for special events, occasions, and going out. This is something I do to even out my skintone and cover up my dark circles.

Products used:

e.l.f. Studio Tinted Moisturizer SPF 20 ($3) Beige

e.l.f Studio Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder ($3)

e.l.f. Studio Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter ($3, not pictured)

Covergirl Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder ($6) Warm Beige

Start with a clean face then apply the Concealer. I don’t really use the highlighting part of the duo and I wouldn’t recommend it until I’ve tried it personally. I find the concealer works pretty decently though. I also have a a 15 color concealer palette ($4, Amazon) that I use from time to time. It has green and pink neutralizing colors that I like to use to balance the color of my dark circles, and helps the skin tone concealer cover up a bit more smoothly. The e.l.f. concealer comes with a wand so I use that to apply a triangle underneath the eye, like this:

Use the blending sponge, a small kabuki brush, a concealer blush, or even your ring finger to blend the concealer into your skin. Blending is the key to looking like you have flawless skin and doesn’t make the makeup look like pieces and parts stitched together. You don’t want to look like a picasso painting! I add a strip of concealer down the bridge of my nose, on my cupid’s bow, and a small triangle between my brows. Blend as usual.

Next, the Tinted Moisturizer. Add a little dab on both your cheeks, a kind of “Simba Swipe” (you know what I’m talking about, when Rafiki swipes the fruit juice on his Simba painting) across your forehead and a dab on the chin. I use my knockoff beauty blender (that I got at Claire’s for about $6) to blend the Tinted Moisturizer into my skin. I use a rocking back and forth motion to simultaneously push and blend the cream into the skin. I actually found that the rocking motion works better than just swiping it across or doing tiny pats.

After I take my Covergirl pressed powder and a fluffy powder brush and apply it all over my face. Both the Tinted Moisturizer and the pressed powder are pretty lightweight so it doesn’t feel cakey at all. You could also use a translucent powder or a mattifying powder if you don’t want to add another type of foundation to your skin. The powder is just there to set everything and make it last longer.

You can stop here if you want a plain canvas for the rest of your makeup or you can add a bit on contour like I do. For contouring I use the bronze powder that comes with the duo and an angled blush/powder brush. I like the angled brushes so I can have more control over where I put my bronzer. I start at the beginning of my cheekbones (by my sideburns) and sweep downward around the apple of my cheeks.

contour 1

then I do a smaller “Simba Swipe” across my hairline and add a bit to the temples to carve them out.

contour 2

Sometimes I contour my nose as well. Using a fan brush draw on two lines on either side of the bridge of your nose, then across the bottom of the tip of your nose. Blend outwards and make sure that there aren’t two dark lines standing out on your face. You don’t want to have harsh contour lines like a drag queen (this time anyway;P).

contour 3

That’s about it! You can add more or less depending on your face shape and how much you want to contour. I always have a “less is more” kind of approach when working with bronzers. I have a fear that I’m going to look like I slapped some self tanner on my face and not in a good way.


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