Dirty Brushes? Clean ‘Em Up!

Having dirty makeup brushes is a huge no-no.  Not only can the brushes harbor bacteria that you’d be adding back onto your skin but having excess colors on there can muddy things up which is horrible when you want crisp, clean colors. Washing your brushes will help keep them nice and clean and even lower the amount of breakouts we have, especially if your skin is prone to them. Clean tools=happy face.

Try and give your brushes a good scrub down once every two weeks or maybe every weekend if you can. Time to get the babies ready!

20150120_201315 20150120_201321

My most frequently used eyeshadow brushes, face brush and contour brush.

Next you’ll need brush shampoo. I got mine from e.l.f. ($3) alternatively you can use a gentle dish soap like Dawn or anti-bacterial soap.

I used a tall glass and added some of the brush shampoo (which has the same consistency as honey believe it or not). I fill the glass halfway with warm water.


Add your brushes one by one and give them a nice swirl. And if you’re like me who admittedly neglects the cleanliness of their brushes your water might end up like this:



After, run the brushes under some water to get rid of the soap and excess product residue.

20150120_201538 20150120_201541

Be gentle with your brushes. You want them to last a long time.

When the water runs clear set your brushes out to dry. You can hang them with the brushes pointing down or lay them flat on their sides. DON’T stand them with the barrels pointing downward (brushes to the sky) this will make the water seep into the barrel and deteriorate the glue that keeps the barrel and handle together. Just lay them flat on some paper towels as a precautionary measure.


The brushes will take 1-2 days to dry fully so make sure you have some backup brushes if you want to do your makeup the next day.


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