MOTD: The No Makeup-Makeup Look

You all know and love it! It’s the makeup look that makes us look like we woke up like the Goddesses (Gods and Gender defiant) beings we are. When we have the no makeup-makeup look we look flawless. Cue the Beyonce ’cause I woke up like this!

Well not really but here’s how to look like you did

brows 2

Obviously there isn’t that much to see since it’s supposed to look like I have no makeup on! But basically I started with my brows. I have a quick post on how I do them just to save some space on this one.

To prime my eyes I use Urban Decay’s Eye Primer Potion. This is what I call one of my “Splurge Items” since it costs over $10. In fact, it costs $12 for the travel size. I get the travel size because believe it or not it lasts a really long time. You only need a 1/4 pea size amount on each eyelid. A little goes a long way really. You can find this at Ulta or Sephora. Using an eyeshadow primer ensures that your eyeshadow won’t crease and it will last all day. If you don’t want to spend $12 you can always find a cheaper eye primer, use your regular foundation or even a bit of lotion.

Then I use three eyeshadows from my knockoff Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette. (TL;DR version, i found the same quality Too Faced palette on eBay for about $10. The pigments and everything right down to the packaging are the same. The trick is that makeup companies have things produced in China so they can sell these products for cheaper and by not advertising them as “Too Faced” they can keep the royalities)

The first color is called “Fuzzy Handcuffs”


It’s actually a color very close to my caramel-esque skin tone. I have reddish undertones as well so this helps cover up the veins on my eye lids and makes it look nice and perfect. You can use any neutral shade that closely matches your skin tone. If you’re a bit on the lighter-ivory side you can use a normal highlighting color as long as it’s matte and not super stark white, even you guys have undertone colors in your skin. I apply this using a flat eyeshadow brush and sweep it all over the lid, taking it right up into the browbone. You can stop at the browbone and add a lighter highlight shadow, or use the fleshtone color as the “highlight” It wouldn’t exactly be highlighting but would help with the natural look as well.

Using a fluffy blending brush I add the second color “Garter Belt”


This picture makes the color look like a rich brown but it’s rather light. Add a little onto the brush and apply it to the crease in a windshield wiper motion. This will help define your eyes a bit more. Don’t add so much that it looks like you have eyeshadow on, of course. Add just enough for some definition!

Now if you use the fleshtone as the highlight color you can skip this step. If not select a shade that’s a little lighter than you skin as use it to highlight your browbone.


The color I used is called “In The buff”

If the color starts getting too bright try adding a smidge of the fleshtone to tone down the color. So for me it’d be slightly blending “In the Buff” and “Fuzzy Handcuffs”


Try using different neutral color palettes to find your right colors that blend in with your skin. You can try palettes from Nyx ($7.50), e.l.f ($2), maybelline ($10), NYC ($5, $3) or Wet N’ Wild (usually available at drugstores, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Target, K-Mart, etc)

Afterwards I follow my Easy Foundation Routine, and you’re done! Enjoy you perfect flawless skin;)

20150114_094319 20150114_094327

(also for some reason the lighting makes the few little blonde whispies look gray! I promise I don’t have gray hair, haha)


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