Quick Brow Routine

browsMy brows are far from perfect and to be honest I still have yet to master the art of achieving great brows. But here is what I’ve accomplished so far. As I mentioned before no matter how many youtube videos I watch I can never get the same results and I don’t believe in buying more expensive products to do the same thing I can do with decently priced products.

Anyway, this is my brow routine so far. It changes sometimes and I’ll add updated brow routines as I use them. For now I wanted to create a post to go along with most of my looks to make them a bit shorter. I know not everyone wants to read a giant novel! I previously talked about it in my first MOTD but this is just going to focus on brows.

So here’s what I use:

Step 1:

brows 1

My skills with paint aren’t that great so bare with me. Basically I take the Filler side of the e.l.f Filler and Lifter pencil and draw out a line following the arch of my brow. This is obviously vary from person to person depending on the eyebrow shape but mine is a slight curved arch, a little fuller at the beginnings and fairly thin towards the tail. Then, still using the Filler side of the pencil i start added color using small quick strokes to simulate hair.

Step 2:

After that I use the spoolie to brush the eyebrow hair as well as feather out the color. The first 1/4 of the eyebrow (aka the thickest part) I comb upward and also to the left(or right, depending on which one I’m working on) I comb to the side to feather out the color there and give a fading effect. I comb upwards to groom the hair and keep the in place. The rest of the eyebrow I comb out towards my temple.

brows 2

Occasionally I’ll set the filler pencil with the brown eyebrow powder, or you can use any brown eyeshadow as long as it matches your eyebrow hair and blends into it. I have pitch black brows so most deep brown colors blend easily. I will also sometimes use the gel that comes in the duo to outline the arch of my brow, like i do with the Filler pencil. I use them both interchangeably.

Step 3:

Finally to set everything in place I do a quick comb through with the clear mascara or brow gel. If any of the color smudges use a damp Q-tip to clean up the edges.

Step 4:

After that I use the Lifter part of the pencil to carve out my eyebrows. It’s a nice easy to blend concealer. Blend as usual and You’re done:)!


6 thoughts on “Quick Brow Routine

  1. The brow struggles continue!! Brows are the most important part of my makeup routine in the morning…it was nice to see how you do them. Great post. ♥ Trina


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