Beauty Blogging 101: To Giveaway or Not to Giveaway?

Reference for later! I’d love to do a giveaway from my lovely followers when I hit a decent amount. I think the first one might be at 100 followers. But thanks to the handful I have now:)!

Say Hello to Gorgeous

Hello again, dolls. First, I like to preface these types of posts by saying that I am by no means one of the most successful bloggers out there. I don’t write these posts necessarily because I’m expert, but because I think we should all share what we know about blogging. You might be thinking of doing a giveaway on your blog to increase traffic. Let’s take a minute to discuss the pros and cons of doing a giveaway.

Are giveaways really worth it?

You have to think of the costs and values of doing a giveaway. Better prizes attract more entries. This means more expense to you, but potentially more readers. By reaching out to companies you admire, you may be able to convince them to sponsor a giveaway. You get to do a giveaway at no cost to you, they get advertisement for the price of their product. It’s…

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