Eyeliners Part One: The Markers

Eyeliners are a MUAs best friend. They can make our eyes transform into different shapes and let’s not forget our loveable go to-the cat eye. Sexy, sleek, sophisticated, and sometimes dramatic. If eyes are the window to the soul than eyeliner is some sassy curtains.

Eyeliner goes with any and every look. It’s pretty much the icing on the cake. For me I use a variety of eyeliners to get me through my looks and in this short mini series I’m going to be talking about the frequent types I use and my favorites out of all of them.

Our first post is about felt tip eyeliner markers, essentially a form of liquid eyeliner that gives you more control. It let’s you draw on your perfect line with minimal squiggles from moving your hand too much or a brush stroke going out of place. The three that I’ve used most frequently is e.l.f Essential Waterproof Eyeliner Pen ($2), Physician’s Formula 2-In-1 Eye Booster ($10), and Wet N’ Wild’s Mega Eyes Defining Eyeliner ($4).


The e.l.f pen is a thin marker that fits comfortably in you hand. It even has a slight contour to help grip your fingers around it. The applicator is a stiffer marker with a slightly flexible tip. The very tip of the pen bends a bit to glide onto your eye. However because it’s a stiff brush the mark is a little feathered, which isn’t exactly a bad thing depending on what look you are going for. All eyeliners have the ability to be layered and create deeper and darker color buildup. With this pen you might want to start off with a single line to see where you want your eyeliner to go then progressively add smaller strokes to fill it in more and build up color. It is the lightest black out of all three that we’re talking about today.

The Wet N’ Wild Mega Eyes pen has a very stiff brush. The strokes come out looking like crayola markers really, super feathered. With a few strokes you can create a rather decent buildup of color but you line will probably look forever smudged. Again, it depends on what look you’re going for but I mostly prefer the sleek eyeliner line and wing. I’d rather have my pencil liners to be a bit more feathery but this pen is good for thinner lines and a more natural look.

The last one, Physican’s Formula is a “splurge item”. We don’t always have $10 for a damn tube of eyeliner but boy, I have to admit some days you just have to treat yo’self. If you’ve heard a lot of the hubbub about this pen it’s for a good reason. Not only is it the blackest black out of all three pens but it also has a very soft brush similar to a calligraphy pen. The softness of the brush helps ease the color onto your lid and is pretty smooth and effortless. You can create super sharp lines with this too.20150121_213633

Here’s how all three look when applied to the skin. First is Physician’s Formula, then e.l.f., and finally Wet N Wild.

You can see how feathery the other two look compared to the crisp line of the PF marker. I recently picked of the PF marker and I can see when I run out I will be devastated. It’s one of those “splurge items” that I think are definitely worth it.

I hope this gave you a little bit of insight into what kind of eyeliner pens there are out there. What’s your favorite liner? Leave some comments and even suggestions down below and stayed tuned for when I talk about the basic but classic pencil!


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