So Excited! “Knockoff” Urban Decay Naked Basics Has Arrived!

Hello beauties! Today’s a special day! I received my “knockoff” Urban Decay Naked Basic’s Palette. The normal asking price for this 6-shadow mini palette is $30 on UD’s official site. You know how much I got it for? $3.85!

And for the first time I’ve included a link to the exact seller i got it from. Though the standard shipping time is about 1 month from China to the US, I usually get my packages within 2-3 weeks. This however was ordered on December 11th and got here January 24th. That’s a month and a half. You can’t exactly blame the seller, more so customs and all that but i think that was way too long to wait.

HOWEVER! It’s here now and I’m ready to test it out!

Here’s a picture of the palette from the official UD Website.

Here’s the packaging mine came in:

20150124_155032 20150124_155118

Not too shabby ehh? It was in a small bubble mailer and there was only the teeniest of damage in the left hand corner of “Venus”, no biggie though.


The front of the actual packaging.

And now onto the goods:



This is what the palette itself looks like. I didn’t want to edit the photos too much as it would change the actual color of what the shadows look like. They’re a little dim but i’d rather have accurate color representation then not. Also, peep the Laverne Cox shirt in the reflection of the mirror! She came to my university and gave a tremendous speech.

Onto the colors. They’re really soft as you can see. The powders themselves as soft, smooth and probably really good for blending and transitioning. “Venus” is very shimmering, so that would work best as a highlight. The rest of the colors are very matte. Also “Naked 2” seems to blend right into my skin! The colors might need a bit of build up but of course this is a neutral/natural palette so the colors should be soft. My favorite colors are the darker ones “Faint” and “Crave”. In my Naked3 “knockoff” palette the almost black color is also my favorite. I think UD makes great dark colors (as far of the reproductions I’ve gotten)

20150124_160022 copy

“Foxy” is an ivory matte color with peach undertones. “W.O.S” is a peachy color, “Naked2” is like a taupe, “Faint” is a light mocha and “Crave” is a deep brown/black.

Overall I’m really excited to try it out. The look will probably be like my no makeup-makeup look, but I am also dying to try out that “Crave” color. I’ll try to do something different for you guys though. Feel free to leave some suggestions as well as any looks I could recreate!


6 thoughts on “So Excited! “Knockoff” Urban Decay Naked Basics Has Arrived!

  1. Looks very nice. I have the original palette but this is pretty much dead on. I did watch a few reviews on YouTube of gurus swatching the fake & real palettes. If it works for you then great buy. I myself am a bit skeptical of buying fake palettes.


    1. i went through ebay. the pictures will tell you which one is which and you can compare it to the original photos. they arent really allowed to claim that they’re selling UD products so you have to go by the pictures


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