How To Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors Part 1

Ok, so i’d like to start off with no matter what bleach or lightener you use it is going to cause some degree of damage to your hair regardless if you do it at home or in a salon. Personally I only go to the salon to get my hair cut. That’s it. Everything else I do myself. I’m not a licensed cosmetologist, I didn’t go to cosmetology school. But my mom did and she’s taught me everything I know. My mom still renews her license to this day but she doesn’t practice in a salon. Instead she practiced on me whenever I told her I wanted to dye my hair, flat iron or blow it out when it was long or create pinup curls for my prom. I’m not promising your hair will come out the same as mine did (which is fairly well) but these are just some guidelines and experiences that’ve gone through.

The first time i told my mom that I wanted to dye my hair a crazy color (teal) was about a few weeks before I graduated high school. Her immediate response was no, why? Because she didn’t want me to have crazy hair as I walked across the stage and received my diploma. She did however promise me that the day after I graduated we could start the bleaching process. My hair was a little bit past my shoulders at this point so we needed a lot of bleach. I went to my local Sally’s Beauty Supply and asked the workers what kind of bleach I should get. My natural hair is PITCH BLACK, black hair comes from both sides of my family and it’s also very curly. We had some work to do.

To balance out the copper colors that were going to show up as my hair changed from black to blonde the Sally’s employee suggested I get a blue or violet based bleach. I used PrismaLites Dustfree Tonal Lightner in Blue. And yes, I did buy this giant bucket and yes I was still on a budget back when I was 17, so i that time I distinctly remember getting it half off! And because I was in a rush to get my boosted blonde light enough I used SalonCare 40 Volume Creme Developer. Now…these aren’t exactly mistakes that i’ve made but things I’ve done that not everyone should do. Let’s just put it that way. What I will say was a mistake is that I didn’t have patience. So to get the best blonde I could achieve on my half virgin hair(half because I had used box dyes but never bleached my hair at this point) i mixed this bleach with the 40 volume developer (recommended 20-30) and left the bleach in for about an hour (recommended 30-45 minutes)

Technically, a mistake. I fried my hair and clumps and clumps of it fell out. I wasn’t bald by any means, we have millions of hair follicles and strands on our head, so i just lost a couple thousand. Sounds like a lot but the clump could fit in my 2.5 inch palm. I’m trying to justify my hair falling out since it’ll happen to anyone who bleaches their hair at any degree but yeah…

My hair was a gross ginger color. Brassy and not at all light enough.  I needed to do another treatment but I really REALLY hate being a blonde(brassy ginger). It doesn’t work for me at all. So I decided to do the next one in a few days. My mom recommended at least a week or two but I wasn’t having it. No one wants to be in an in between stage, we just want our final color. So my second mistake was again due to impatience, not waiting long enough between bleaching.

I think i did 3-4 bleachings within a month(way too many) before I reached my desired platinum blonde color. Then I used Manic Panic’s Atomic Turquoise. This was my first time using any Manic Panic but during my super dark, angst phase I had heard that this was a decent company and decided to use it.

Voila! Here I am at 17 with bright teal hair.

I kept this color for a long time, up until my first semester of college. It faded into a nice mint color. The above photos were in end of june/july-ish of 2012.

Fading around August:

My hair looks shorted because I cured it with a curling iron but let me tell you after all that bleaching the end of my hair were FRIED. Before I went to college my mom commanded me to cut the dead ends off. She was tired of spending more than an hour bleaching my hair anyway. She also said she wouldn’t bleach my hair again and if I wanted it to be done, I’d have to do it myself. So I agreed. And off my hair went.

September of 2012.

So my hair was short, still teal and I was able to continue bleaching my hair on my own. From then on I tried

Dark Blue

This was Shocking Blue from Manic Panic. I HATED THIS COLOR SO MUCH. My turquoise was fine but this color stained my pillow, my shower, anything white that came in contact with it, my flat iron, everything! I hated this color so much. I’m not sure why it stained so much but it did and I never used that color again.

I also ended up dying the back of my hair black after the aforementioned blue didn’t take very well back there. It might have been because I couldn’t see what I was doing as well as I could for my bangs but the back was a blotchy mixture of blues and greens.

I kept my bangs bleached and instead moved onto a purple color. I believe it was Electric Amethyst but I’m not exactly sure.

Also excuse my horrid dork face. These were dark times before I liked to find my perfect eyebrow shape and used less makeup. I mean I’m a natural beauty but even I need some editing.

Next Time I’m going to show how I lessened the damaged to my colored hair and the new products I chose to use!


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