How To Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors Part 2

So after religiously bleaching and damaging my hair I needed to find something better. I didn’t want to use the PrismaLite Bleach anymore. I felt that it was too damaging to my hair so I sought something a little bit more healthy. Like I said before all bleach, no matter the kind or brand is going to do some degree of damage to your hair. I wanted to find something that was a little bit gentler at least. I returned to Sally’s and again asked the employee what would work best this time. She suggested Ion Color Brilliance Creme Lightener. Not only is this cheaper than the Prismalites on any given day but it also comes enriched with wheat protein and argan oil. Through the process of hydrolysis Wheat Protein can be easily absorbed into the hair. It increases hair’s ability to retain moisture, adds volume, and adds smoothness and shine. Argan Oil conditions the hair and makes it softer and silkier. It can even treat split ends and tame frizziness. On top of that this set comes with 4 treatments, which is definitely more bang for your buck. The power behind the powder is great as well. It gets the roots of the hair nice and blonde but it still needs about 2 treatments to get the brassiness out. This bleach is definitely gentler than the other one. I still use 40 Volume creme developer though. I just prefer it since it adds that extra boost and I won’t have to use more than 2 treatments to get the desired blonde I want.

Now I also switched hair dye brands. And you guessed it I found something cheaper too, Ion Color Brilliance Brights Semi Permanent Hair Color. It’s about half the price of Manic Panic and has never stained any of the clothes, sheets, or hair tools. I’ve used this color on myself and on my sister and the results have been nice every time.

The first time I used Ion’s Bleach and color in combination I wanted to do dual color on my hair.This came about because I couldn’t decide on whether i should do teal again (Because I loved it so much) or purple. So then I just said, “Why not both of them?!” Thus this is how it turned out.

This was by far one of my favorite looks I’ve done hair wise. The colors here are I believe are Azure and Lavender. I still stand by Ion Creme Colors though I tried their Mint color and it didn’t come out so…minty. The green wasn’t pastel enough I think. I needed a few more bleachings to get the blonde light enough I think. The green was rather muddy. I’ve used the pink, deep purple, and dark blue on my sister and they came out great as well. I love Ion’s products and I believe they work really well. Give it a shot the next time you’d like to do a funky color. Definitely use their Bleach because it’ll add a little bit extra back into your hair and leave it softer than with normal bleach.


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