MOTD: Edgy Cat Eyes


This makeup is pretty easy to do! It’s kind of smoky but still has a crisp clean edge to it. I started with my brow routine. Starting with your brows helps create a sort of guideline for the rest of your eye makeup. The eyebrows frame the face. To start off the look, use a eyeshadow primer. I used Urban Decay’s  Eyeshadow Primer Potion. This is one of my “splurge Items”, an item that is usually a little out of my price range but well worth it. You only need a teeny tiny dab for each eye. Apply the primer all over you eyelids and up towards your browbone. If you follow my brow routine you know that I put concealer under the arch of my brow, you don’t want to get the eyeshadow primer on top of the concealer. The concealer will hold the shadow we put on top of it on its own.

I used a combination of 3 Palettes, two of which are knockoffs. I used Too Faced Boudoir Eyes, and Urban Decay’s Naked3 Palette. The only non-knockoff is my Mark Bohista Suedeshadow eye quad. This was a gift from my mother, so essentially free. This is an older palette and might be hard to find. However I found a storeenvy that seems to have it for $7.50, which isn’t too bad. Mark products are usually above $10.

The basic colors for this look are:

a shimmery champagne

a deeper champagne almost copper

a burgundy, not too vibrant

a grey-ish color

a soft brown

a nice black, I used a shimmery one.

First apply a small piece of tape to the back of your hand, then apply it to the corner of your eye at an angle. Applying it to your hand first will take away some of the stickiness of the tape and you won’t tug so hard at the delicate skin around your eyes when you pull it off. Setting it at an angle will help you create the perfect cat eye effect.

(I did this look before I started this blog so I don’t have actual picture of me using the tape. I’ve used the above photo from this blog which actually has a post describing how to create the perfect cat eye.)

Add the deep champagne/copper color all over the mobile lid. In the Mark palette I used it is the shadow on the bottom left corner.

I apply this color with a flat eyeshadow brush or you can use a c-shape brush. Then take a fluffy blending brush and add your soft brown color in the inner corner of the crease. You can do the normal windshield wiper motion and drag the color along the crease. We’ll just be adding the grey color on top. The color I used for this is the top left shadow in the mark palette. Then towards the outer part of the crease I added “Darkside” from the Naked3 palette.


The photo makes it look not as grey but it does have a steel color to it. It comes off as a soft grey as well in swatches. Then using a clean c-shape brush or a smudge brush take your shimmery black color (I used “Blackheart” from the N3 palette) and add it along the top of the tape. The fallout will catch on the tape and help create a sharp line.


As you can see once the tape is removed, the line is nice and clean! If fallout happens or the shadow smudges just take a damp q-tip and clean it up a bit. Now drag the burgundy color from the Mark Bohista palette (bottom right corner) from the outer V of the eye(where the black is) and move towards the center of the lid. Don’t add so much that it actually goes into the center but rather stays towards the outer part. You want the coppery color to shine through on the lid. It’s like the beacon of light around our darker shadows!

Blend your colors and add some more of the transition colors if it got lost in the black. You can also add more of the copper color if it also got covered up.

For the highlight I used the top right color in the Mark bohista palette., You could also use “In the Buff” from the Too Faced palette or “Strange” from the Naked3 palette. Any of your favorite highlight colors will do.

Finish the look with a thick cat eye and some of your fave mascara. I used Physician Formula’s 2-in-1 Eye booster (another “splurge item”, around $11) and Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (travel size is $9) You can also do you usual foundation routine, mine is here.

Here are some of the final look pictures!



(These are unedited to get the true colors of the eyeshadow, taken in natural lighting)


The lipstick is Nyx Wicked Lippie in Immortal (Around $6)

This look is pretty badass and sultry at the same time. The next time I do a look I’ll make sure to get pictures for every step. These next two weeks will be super hectic for me, so there might not be any MOTD for a bit. Sorry my loves! I’ll try and provide as much content as I can. It’s hard being a college kid!


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