How to Dye Your Hair Crazy Colors Part 3: Bleaching

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In the previous posts in this mini series I talked about the previous colors I’ve done and which bleach I’ve used. Right now my hair is “Luscious Raspberry” red from Splat. The bleach I use comes within the Splat kit itself. This isn’t my favorite bleach but when I used it the very first time it did get my dark hair to a light color, the copper I usually get was more on the orange side and when I added the red color it took very nicely. A few days ago I was touching up my roots and decided to record my process. I also lessened the copper blonde color on my roommate hair using the Ion creme lightner kit that I love so much. I thought it’d be great for you guys to see the results.

In the Splat kit there is the color itself, a packet of powdered bleach, and peroxide. The peroxide come within an applicator bottle which you pour the powedered bleach into. You use the entire packet. I did the same except I mixed the peroxide and bleach in a color bowl. You can get these from beauty supply stores for about $2. I like doing this so I can apply the bleach with a brush. It’s just easier this way. Also I need a bit more control because I was touching up my roots.


Also just because the bleach is blue doesn’t mean it will turn your hair blue. The blue bleach is used to combat against the orange colors that bleach can produce especially when going from dark to light hair. Blue is the complementary color of orange so it make sense that it would tone down the amount of orange you get and produce more light blonde.

Using an applicator brush (again this is around $2 at any beauty supply place) i mixed the peroxide and bleach together then applied it to my roots. You cant see it on my roots(other than the fact that my hair looks damp but it’s on there)


I separate my hair into sections and add the bleach to the roots. I make sure I get the roots first so the bleach has more time to set. Because I had left over bleach I added it to the rest of my hair. I let this process about 45 minutes before it started to irritate my scalp. When the processing was done the roots were a nice light blonde and the rest of the red in my hair turned a soft pink/orange. Now I’m going to add the red color all over my hair so it didn’t matter how the bleach affected the red I already had. I was sure to use a deep conditioning hair mask and left it on overnight. You can usually leave it in for about anywhere to 5-30 minutes then rinse as normal but I decided to leave mine in because I was lazy:P


This is after one treatment of the Ion Creme Lightning Kit. He wanted the blonde a bit brighter so I had to do a second treatment.

In the Ion kit comes a 4 oz bottle of Argan Oil and 4 packets of bleach. You need to use your own developer. I used 1 oz of Argan oil, 1 packet of bleach, and 2 oz of creme developer (Saloncare 30 Volume)

Again I mixed this in my coloring bowl and applied it with the brush applicator.


My roomie processed I think about 45-1 hour. He was enthralled by his new drawing tablet so i kept having to remind him to wash his hair. The Ion isn’t as irritating as the Splat bleach either. I still prefer Ion over every bleach I’ve tried so far.

Here’s how his hair turned out:


Almost all of the copper/grundgy ginger color came out and left a nice blonde! He’s pretty happy with it. See my previous posts for links to where you can buy Ion Creme Lightner and SalonCare Developer!


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