ShopMissA Accessory Haul!

If you guys don’t already know is an online accessory school that sells jewelry, hair accessories, charms, panties(sounds weird but they’re actually nice, fit well, and are a nice cotton blend), stationary, nail art supplies and fake nails, pretty much this site is great. What makes it so great? Everything and I mean EVERYTHING is ONE DOLLAR. The shipping is a flat rate of $3.95 which is fairly cheap as most website shipping is around $6.95. I spent $20 dollars on a couple things. I won’t link all of them below so that way you can shop the site yourself and see what you want. They get new items every couple weeks so even if something you wanted goes out of stock(which sometimes happens very quickly) you can probably find something else to get.

Also the items ship from Texas so you don’t have to wait for things to ship from China or anything like that. I’d like to also remind everyone that the jewelry is of course costume jewelry. It will most likely tarnish. But if you want a cool statement piece or something and don’t mind it being cheap go right ahead. I love costume jewelry so I don’t really care. Sometimes I’d rather get a bunch of things for $20 then 1 thing for $20.I It depends on what you like. So anyway onto the haul!


I got:

1 Black circle necklace with matching earrings

1 multi chain layered necklace in silver

1 wooden studded bangle bracelet

1 leather cord bracelet in black

1 e.l.f All Over Color stick (yes they have makeup too!)

1 goddess cuff bracelet in silver

1 lace headband

1 12 pack of studded earrings (the bottom row of silver half hoop earrings are not pictured because I’m wearing them now)

1 pair of  turquoise dangle earrings

1 turquoise head necklace (not pictured because i forgot haha. What are those things called anyway? They’re literally a necklace for your head and is all decorative…)

1 bracelet that spells out LOVE

1 bottle of Kleancolor topcoat

1 bottle of Lavender scented and colored nail polish

2 rolls of black and white nail art tape

1 pack of 4 nail caviar is various colors (they have different sets of 4 colors)

1 pack of e.l.f cuticle pushers

1 Knitted infinity scarf in black(not pictured)

1 ring in the shape of an old microphone that says “on the air” (by the purple nailpolish)

I also ordered 2 matte white nail polishes but they accidentally sent me 2 pink ones instead. I contacted customer service and I can choose between a full refund or shopmissa credit. Their credit never expires and i get to keep the two pink nail polishes as compensation. I’ll use the credit to rebuy the white nail polish anyway. I received an email from customer service in about 1 day. It was speedy and they were pretty friendly about it. I love shopmissa anyway and even if they did mess up my order I’d still buy from them. I’d also recommend them to anyone else which is why I made a post about it! I hope you guys check out their site. Because of their cheap nail art stuff I think I might start practicing nail art. I do have some spare fake nails laying about. I normally don’t wear nails since I have to put in my contacts and it becomes a bit difficult when your aiming a stiletto nail towards your eyeball, haha!


10 thoughts on “ShopMissA Accessory Haul!

      1. Aw what problem did you have? :O I definitely was browsing around but a lot of the stuff I wanted seemed to be out of stock. 😦 They must sell out so fast because it’s so cheap!


      2. yes they do, i put things on my wishlist to go back to them and they’re usually sold out but they do add new products every week so you might be able to catch some good stuff. the problem I had was that they sent me the wrong nail polish color (a pink instead of a matte white that I wanted) but i contacted customer service and had the option of a full refund or credit for the site

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      3. Oh I see! That’s a good idea, I’ll just put everything I’m interested in a wishlist! 🙂 That will make things so much easier!
        Oh ok, I’m so glad to hear they have such great service and gave you options! 😀


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