My Favorite Websites/Stores for Makeup

I’ve been shopping around online for makeup ever since I really got into makeup. Believe it or not I only got into makeup last year. For awhile i thought makeup was too feminine for me, or made me too girly, then I realized that I didn’t care what anyone thought, makeup has no gender, and of course as an artist it was a new way to express myself. I saw one makeup tutorial on Youtube and from then on….well a new addiction was born.

I usually go to Walmart for quick makeup fixes. They have my favorite brands like NYC, Wet N Wild, and they’ve recently started carrying e.l.f. They also have Equate brand skincare stuff such a moisturizer, cleansing wipes, and face washes.

Target is also good because they have NYX products and e.l.f. CVS also had NYX, Milani, and Wet N Wild, I mostly shop at Walmart though. I also have an ULTA where I can buy some cheaper products too.

I also buy some cheap random makeup I find from Big Lots, black beauty supply places, Sally’s, and some other cheap department stores.

Online I usually go to e.l.f’s website first. Sometimes I buy things in bulk (by bulk I mean $25 orders) and i buy when they have nice sales, such as spend $25 and get X amount of free products. I did this one time and got so much good stuff.

If I’m looking for something more specific I go to ebay. On ebay you can find the same expensive makeup brand palettes in store but at cheaper prices from Chinese sellers. I’ve gotten Urban Decay palettes for around $10 and the quality is pretty good. You can also find people auctioning off their unused makeup for cheaper prices, Some people even auction travel size items that they don’t want, sometimes in multiples. You can also get sample size colors of lipsticks/tars/stains and try them before you buy them. The good thing about ebay is that you can always get your money back and open a dispute case if anything goes wrong. I’ve had mostly great experiences with ebay but sometimes ordering from China can be a hassle because of the wait time and things can also get lost in the mail.

Sometimes, if I’m a little on the desperate side or want to splurge I will go on Amazon. I actually bought a nice Sleek palette on there. Sleek is a UK drugstore brand that has amazing products. Sometimes you can find good/better deals on Amazon than on the host website. But never buy e.l.f products from Amazon, for some reason they overcharge on the items and make the items add-on only items, so you buy it unless you put $25 worth of other add-on items in your cart. Just go to the e.l.f website and do the same thing.

I’ve also taken to buying nail art supplies on, where everything is a dollar. Their nail polish colors are from the company Kleancolor. I haven’t tried Kleancolor’s makeup yet but I’m planning on it sometime in the future. shopmissa also has the Kleancolor makeup for a dollar.

Here are some things and places I avoid:

Avoid like no brand makeup and pretty much things that look like they were made for little kids. Sometimes the dollar stores have brands like LA Color but even LA Color isn’t that great. So really cheap kiddie palettes are a no-no. Sometimes you can try cheap product brands you’ve never heard of but if you find something you like you might not be able to find it again. I also avoid no namebrand Chinese makeup. It’s not great. They’re not good quality. However if you buy knockoff namebrand products they have the same quality as the namebrand (from what i’ve experienced)

I also avoid department stores like Dillards, Macy’s and Sears. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the products they sell here, the problem is I’m broke as all hell!!! I can’t spend $45 dollars on a bronzer or blush or whatever. I could literally pay for the rent for my apartment or food. Don’t get me wrong when I want to splurge I might but I’ve never bought a makeup product over $20.

I also stay away from Hot Topic makeup. It’s honesty just…cheap crap. It doesn’t last long. It’s overly glittery and plain horrid.

I also avoid Sephora and Ulta as best I can as well. I only shop in the stores or on the website when there are good deals. Sephora barely has great deals though. It’s normally like spend $25 and get ONE free deluxe trial size thing. I want more bang for my buck. Especially since they charge $6.95 for shipping so you cant even buy one thing without spending $7 extra. Ulta has pretty good buy one get one half off sales so you can stock up. This is how I finally got to try NYX’s macaroon and wicked lippies.

Of course I made this blog because I’m a broke college student and I need to find ways and loopholes to get the products I want without spending so much. I really dislike when blogs say they’re a budget blog yet spend $20 on a concealer. Guaranteed it might be a wonderful concealer but you can do the same wonderful things with something cheap as well. I would love to try better quality products but that won’t be happening anytime soon. I also don’t want to become a makeup person that uses MAC everything…that just really annoys me (though I guess I use almost everything e.l.f, haha!)

Let me know if you know of any other places or websites that sell cheap makeup!!


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