Ohayocon! Sailor Jupiter Look

So this past weekend (Jan. 30-Feb 1) I went to Columbus for Ohayocon! If you don’t know what that is, it’s an anime convention. I’ve been watching anime since I was two years old starting with Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, and Card Captor Sakura. Ever since then I’ve been watching anime on and off for years. I also play a bunch of different video games, mostly JRPGs and Pokemon. So what does this all have to do with makeup??

Well my two cosplays for the weekend were a Punk Version of Sailor Jupiter and Shelly, Team Aqua’s Admin from the reboot of Pokemon Sapphire. For both characters i did some cool eye makeup that I think came out really well. The only one I had time to do a little Step by Step tutorial for was Sailor Jupiter so for Shelly I’ll run through the basics.

Punk Sailor Jupiter


So first I did my brow routine. Then I used my travel size Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion ($12) I only use a teeny amount on each eye, which is really all you need, a 1/4 pea size amount. Once the primer has a bit of time to set, around 30 seconds or so I use my NYX jumbo eye pencil in “Milk” ($4.50) I like using a white base under any brightly colored eyeshadow. The white base helps the color pop ten times more, seriously. It’s such a difference. I would highly recommend using the white base and not skipping over it. It will change your life~


I apply it all over the lid, doesn’t matter how neat it is. Blend the color into the lid a bit with your ring finger, smooth it out and make sure it is all over the places you care going to cover with color. I blended it over the mobile lid and carried it a bit into the crease since that’s where the transition color will be. Now I’ll be using two different color palettes. The first is Sleek’s I-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 730. Sleek is a UK drugstore makeup brand that has great products for cheap. On their official website this palette goes for $12 but I think i got mine for $8.99 or so on Amazon. You might have to look around a bit for a cheaper product with free shipping. It’s definitely doable and the colors work great on top of the white base. The second palette is Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life palette in Bright Delight. Normally this product is $24, but I happened to catch it at Ulta when all Pop Beauty products were 50% off. This was my first brights palette and the colors aren’t as bright as the Sleek palette but if you don’t want neon colors that are in your face this is a great approach to adding subtle pops of colors.

20150130_141113 copy

The Pop Beauty Palette is on the left, Sleek is on the right.

After applying the white base I used the 1st color (on the Sleek Palette) on the inner corner of the eye. I dragged the color to the middle of the mobile lid. Its a light lime color that adds a nice bright shade. It’s the lightest shade we’ll be using.20150130_140659

The light color under my brows is just concealer, which we’ll add color to in a bit. But as you can see the first color is just applied about a little less than 3/4 of the lid. Now for the next color. I apply the #2 color on the Sleek palette on the outer corner of the eye. It’s a deeper green than the previous color and adds depth and contrast. For the transition color I used #3 on the Pop Beauty palette, using the normal fluffy blending brush and windshield wiper motion.


Here’s all three colors so far. You can see the deeper green side by side with out lime green color. The transition color is more of a light olive tone. To add the edgy punk quality to the look I used the sparkling black color (#4) to the very edge of the outer V. I angled the color upward then dragged some of the color into the crease.


I blended the black so it was a little softer and added some more of the olive color (#3) back into it. Mixing the two colors on the fluffy brush and using whatever was left over helped soften the overall look. For the brow highlight I used the bright white (#5) from the Sleek palette.

I finished the eye look with a thick bold cat eye liner using my Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster Liner ($11) and using 2 coats of Smashbox’s Full Exposure Mascara (Travel size $9), letting them dry in between.

For the face I used a new primer, Smashbox’s Photo Finish Foundation Primer. I got a small travel set that included this primer, the full exposure mascara, and the undereye primer at Ulta for $10. So i got three products for the price of 1, definitely a steal. Unfortunately I don’t think Ulta has the set available anymore and to buy a travel size version of the Foundation primer is $15. I don’t think it’s worth it and only got it because the entire 3 piece set was $10. Use whatever primer you normally use or have around the house. This primer says its oil free but does for some reason feel oily. It’s not thick, however, and goes on rather smoothly. I feel like it helped keep my foundation on for awhile but i did also use powder and a lock in makeup mist on top of my liquid foundation, so i can’t exactly tell if the primer helped on it’s own or helped because I also added the powder and makeup setting mist. I don’t really like the way the primer feels as it goes on but overall it’s not too bad. I would use it more so for long wear looks and not everyday looks.

For my foundation I used Hard Candy’s Just Face It Featherweight Formula foundation. It’s around $7 and I use the color Medium. To set the liquid foundation I use Covergirl’s Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder in Warm Beige. This is also around $7 and helps add the perfect color to blend into my skin. The Hard Candy foundation is just a touch lighter than my skintone and adding the pressed powder gives the right tone. I use my knockoff beauty blender sponge to blend the foundation in as well as my fingers and a big fluffy face brush for the powder.

I use e.l.f’s Under Eye Concealer and Highlighter duo ($3) and conceal the red spots of my face and my under eye circles. Please enjoy the dumb face I made.


I also blended this with my knockoff beauty blender that was damp. I rock the sponge onto my skin, pressing the concealer into it. I contoured my face with the bronzing side of e.l.f’s Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder Duo in St. Lucia ($3).  To hightlight my face I used Benefit Cosmetics Watts Up Highlighter in Soft Focus. I got this when Sephora had a special for a makeup that came complete with around 5-6 deluxe sample with a $25 order. But with a bit of research on Benefit’s website I found out that the mini is only $8, that’s actually not too bad. Of course you can use the Highlighter side of the e.l.f. duo as well but i had this so I used it. And my look was done!


The con was a blast and i had a great time dressing up as my favorite Sailor Scout! I got more attention as Shelly though which was suprising to me since I spent 4 days before the con sewing the outfit together with my crappy hand sewing skills.

I used the same palettes from above and used the blue colors instead. I didn’t do the same exact look as jupiter but it was similar enough.




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