Some Interesting Makeup Tips!

I was recently searching for some new blogging material and I came across a huge list of makeup tips. I’d thought I’d collect the ones that weren’t as common and list them here.

1. Your wrist has a different color and undertone than your face, the outside can be effected by tanning and naturally being out in the sun and the inside always seems to be a little lighter. To test your liquid foundation and get the perfect match add a stripe on your cheek and along your jawline, even a little down your neck. The one that blends flawlessly into your skintone is the one you should use. Sometimes this is hard to do when you’re in stores such as Walmart or Kmart that has packaged foundations. You don’t want to contaminate the color you don’t use then put it back, especially since makeup in non refundunable. Test powder foundation on the top of your hand.

2. It’s best to apply your concealer in a downward triangle shape rather than small dots along your dark circles. This helps provide more coverage and lessen the darkness of the circles. Make sure to get the corners of your eyes since they tend to be more dark and choose a concealer one shade lighter than your skin tone.

3.P Powder blush tends to disappear faster. If you layer a cream blush with a similar toned powder blush after it will last longer. I actually don’t use blush that much and tend to only add a little dab on the apples of my cheeks. Don’t apply it like a contour or else it will look less natural.

4. Make sure your bronzer is only a shade or two darker than your natural skintone. To be on the safe side I would use one that is only one shade darker than your skin. Anything darker would make the contour stand out too much or make you look like you have a bad fake tan. I use some bronzers that have a tiny bit of shimmer and a nice brown color. I tend to like my face to look more natural so i keep it toned down a lot for the colors of the facial products I use.

5. After you’ve freshly sharpened an eyeliner pencil rub a line or two on the back or your hand to soften the point. This will make sure you don’t hurt yourself when you apply it to your eye.

6. If you have oily skin it causes kajal eyeliners to smudge more. But if you’re afraid of any of your eyeliners smudging add some powered eyeshadow in the same color. I don’t think i’ve ever use kajal liners (yet!) but i thought it was interesting to learn how oily skin can affect it. I have dry skin so I’m more likely in the clear.

7. After applying all your coats of mascara (I usually do one but on the occasion I will do two) add a bit of translucent powder to your lashes using an eyeshadow brush. The mascara will absorb the powder and make the lashes look fuller and thicker.

8. To make your lip gloss last longer, dust your lips with a thin layer of face powder. Then use a tissue to remove the excess powder. This way you’ll prevent the gloss from melting or smudging.

9. Silicone based liquid foundations don’t cause acne.

10. Adding a thin layer of of sunscreen will not only protect your skin but will also act as a primer underneath your makeup.

11. If you add too much foundation or concealer you can take a damp sponge and dab your face lightly in a downward motion. Use your fingertips to blend the product in afterward.

12. Use a big, clean makeup brush to gently remove excess product. Then, pat with a tissue and brush again. This will tone down your makeup and soften your look without having to start all over again or pile more makeup.


3 thoughts on “Some Interesting Makeup Tips!

      1. My eyelashes aren’t super short but I have issues with getting them to look fuller so I think that trick will help a lot! 😀 Let me know how you find it when you try! ❤


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