NYX Review: Macaroon and Wicked Lippies

For Christmas I was gifted an Ulta gift card. During that time Ulta had a sale on NYX products, buy one get one half off. I took the opportunity to finally try the Wicked and Macaroon lippies that I’ve heard so much about. I choose 4 colors, 2 from the Macaroon Collection and 2 from the Wicked Collection. Each Lipstick is around $6.

The Colors are:

NYX Wicked-Immortal (deep violet)

NYX Wicked-Cold Hearted (steel/silver)

NYX Macaroon-Coconut (white)

NYX Macaroon-Earl Grey (Light blue grey, mostly blue)

All the lipsticks are very creamy and need about 2-3 coats to become opaque. They don’t feather so much as the slip and slide around because they are so creamy. The Wicked lippies have a hint of shimmer to them and leave a slight stain behind. They last a bit on the lips but require reapplication every hour or so, depending on how much you smack your lips together, lick your lips, eat, etc. Color wise I really really enjoy them. I think the colors are great and can become a nice opaque quickly. The Macaroon lippies are more matte than the Wicked, especially since the Wicked are shimmery. The consistency is the same all around. I’d give these lippies about a 7 or 8/10.

Here are some swatches:


(Immortal, Cold Hearted, Earl Grey, Coconut)

Each strip has 3 coats to get to that opaque level.

I have a caramel skin tone so they will of course look different on paler and darker skin tones.



I have pretty crappy lighting in my house and I tried several different spots to try and get a nice picture that accurately resembled the color in real life. Each photo has a little bit of photshop lighting editing but I promise you it’s to accurately represent how the color looks on me. The white…ok I honestly don’t think white is my color but I still can’t help to want to use it! I think the white is great but it’s not my perfect shade. I’d prefer it to be a little less creamy and maybe more matte to stay on the lips. It might act better as a base or primer for other pastel lipsticks rather than on it’s own.


Earl Grey

I LOVE this blue! Again i don’t think bright colors go so well with my skin tone but I don’t care and love to use them anyway. As I mentioned before all the lipsticks are creamy and do smudge, you can see it around the outside of my upper lip. Obviously you would clean this up but it keeps happening, a downside. I love the color though. It reminds me sort of of “Pool Boy” from OCC. I like this color and this one is my favorite out of the two Macaroon colors I got.


Cold Hearted

I absolutely love dark lipstick colors. They make me feel badass and like a force to be reckoned with, which I am. Black lipstick itself can be extremely messy and not stay on well. This steel/silver/grey color is dark enough but also has a better consistency than most black lipsticks. I compare the two because they are close in color but the silver/steel is a better alternative if you don’t want to use such a stark black on your lips. I think I prefer the Wicked collection just because darker lipsticks are in my comfort zone. (I do however still have a soft spot for the pastel colors) Out of the two I think Immortal might be my favorite though.



I think this is a nice bright purple but is also very deep and rich in tone. I used it in one of my MOTD and I think it went really well with an edgy look. Purple is one of my favorite colors so I’m a little biased towards it, haha.

Overall the pros are:

good price

buildable color

able to be opaque

bright prigmentation

rich tones


smudges a lot

can feather a bit

rubs off after a short amount of time

My favorite are Earl Grey and Immortal. The darker colors look better on my skin tone but might look too dark on paler skin tones and might appear lighter on darker skin tones. The macaroon colors might be too bright on darker skin tones as well but probably works best on paler skin.



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