I Tried my FIRST MAC Product!

I hope nobody is shocked by this but as this is a budget makeup blog you must by now realize I don’t have the money to buy high end products. Ever since I started wearing makeup more often and got into more I’ve always been on a search for products I could afford. There are some people that say MAC isn’t that expensive and that’s great….if you have money. I don’t. But today I was meeting with someone I plan to work with in a student organization on campus and we started talking about makeup. She like pulls out 4 or 5 MAC products from her purse. I was amazed. I of course wished I could do the same. She was nice enough to let me try some of the Lip Conditioner.

Holy crap I wanted to cry.

Never had I felt something so soft and perfect hit my lips. I immediately wanted to get some but it’s $15 dollars. I would love to shell out the money for it but I also could buy a $1 chapstick. Maybe one day I’ll find it in my cheap little heart to buy it, or I might be able to find it on ebay…hmmm….


7 thoughts on “I Tried my FIRST MAC Product!

  1. have you thought about their pro program? if you can’t join, I’m sure you’ve got friend or followers who can, or are members–there’s a yearly fee, but if you’re using it for work and can write off the expense it’s totally worth it!


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