Makeup And Gender

This is something I’ve been wanting to write for awhile but as it’s a more serious topic I’ve been mulling over how exactly to word everything. Most beauty bloggers/vloggers/etc will normally use “ladies”, “girls” and other feminine pronouns to describe their followers who use makeup. I personally like to stay away from all binary pronouns (ladies and gentlemen, she/he, her/him, etc)and try to be more inclusive with my followers.

Makeup is for any and everyone and it’s just up to the person that wants to use it. Some people don’t like putting on makeup and some love putting on too much makeup. I don’t think putting on makeup makes you any more feminine, girly, “gay” or anything along those lines. I used to think that makeup meant that I would be girly and as an angsty pre teen confused by their gender and what exactly I wanted to be I stayed away from makeup like it was the plague.

But after a few years of growing up and soul searching as well as a desperate need to find other creative things to do I turned to the depths of Youtube hell and searched makeup videos. This awakened a new passion in me that I thought I’d never have.

For me makeup is creativity, it’s art for your face, it’s expression and for some people it’s a confidence booster.

I see it as a neutral ground for anyone to express themselves.

I myself don’t consider myself a girl, I am agender. Agender is when you don’t identify as any gender at all (and yes there’s more than male and female!) And so when I put makeup on my face it’s not to make myself look more “feminine” it’s more so, “hey i had some extra time today, I really want to try this products, or this would be good for the blog”

Of course there are other people that see makeup as war paint, going into battle and commanding those around you by being the most gorgeous woman you can be. That’s great too! But makeup works differently for everyone.

This post seems like an all over ramble and I’m probably not getting everything across properly but the point is makeup is for everyone. Beauty bloggers/vloggers/etc shouldn’t limit their audience to female identifying people, even if it is a large percent of your audience. There might be a boy, or a transgender person, or even a non binary person like myself looking to your blog for a little inspiration and information on products they should use/try.

This is just my two cents on trying to make the makeup world a little bit more inclusive and let everyone see it as something creative and fun that anyone can do. Just like any other hobby it needs time, practice and lots of patience. But we’ll all get there someday, my loves.

Thanks for reading! I hope you enjoyed and please leave your supportive comments so others can see :)!


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