Upcoming Beauty Hauls!

Alright guys I’ve got 2 upcoming beauty hauls that should be shipping and arriving any day now! I also  got some small samples from a new beauty brand I wanted to try.

The first Haul is from bH Cosmetics. I didn’t know that they had decent prices and I decided to buy some things. Want to know the best part?


THAT’S RIGHT! TOTAL SAVINGS $42! God I was so excited when I saw that final amount. I got 2 palettes and I think some foundation and makeup remover. I’ll obviously do an in depth haul once the items arrive.

The second haul is of course from none other than e.l.f. A few of my items were running out so I decided to do another haul, best part is e.l.f is running a special coupon where if you buy $25 (of non sale items) you can get their February crush color set (a $21) for free! So I got about $45 worth of items for $30(the thirty is because of the $4.95 S&H)

The other things I’ve got where a 7 sample set from a company called Everyday Minerals. The sample set was free and it only cost $2.50 to ship it. Which compared to trying to buy other samples online they charge you full shipping like $5-7. $2.50 was a decent price I was willing to pay to sample some natural makeup. However their full size products are a little pricey. $10 for full size eyeshadows and $7 for “mini” eyeshadows. I know natural mineral makeup can be a little expensive but I’m not willing to pay that much. It might depend, the samples I get might be really nice. We shall see!


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