Top 10 Makeup No-No’s

Some of these people have stopped doing which is great! Some of these no-no’s have also become common sense to some but I’d thought I’d write about them anyway.

1. Cleaning your makeup brushes. This is important because I haven’t always cleaned my brushes and ever since I’ve been putting on makeup a lot more the buildup can be really gross. Your basically redepositing germs and bacteria from your used brushes back onto your face. I made a post about cleaning your brushes that might help!

2. Putting bronzer on your whole face. Now I’m sure this mistake has lessened over the course of makeup tips appearing on the internet. Of course you only contour with your bronzer and not apply it all over your face no matter how much you want to look sun kissed or whatever. You might get away with applying a nice natural glowy color to your face using tanning creams and things like that. I don’t use these products since I’m already tan, but i know some paler people would like that sun kissed glow year round. Slapping bronzer all over your face is not the way to go. Please try a more natural look that compliments your skintone and doesn’t make you look like a piece of fruit.

3. Matching foundation to the back of your hand. For powdered foundations this is ok but for liquid foundations its best to apply a small strip on your cheek and jawline. This will help you accurately determine what color best matches the tone of your face. The skin on your hand or forearm will vary slightly and testing foundations on these areas won’t give you the best results. I actually didn’t know this trick and I mostly guess what colors I should use by holding the bottle to my skin. It’s not the best but i also don’t want to contaminate beauty products that I won’t buy. If you happen to buy an incorrect color it’s usually within a shade of the color you need so you can add a powdered foundation along with the liquid to help get the correct tone.

4. Sleeping in your makeup. DON’T DO IT. NOT EVEN YOUR DAMN EYELINER!!!  Sleeping with makeup on will clog your pores, age you faster, cause more breakouts and get all over your bedsheets. It will even irritate your eyes and make them red and/or puffy. Going to bed with a fresh face not only makes you feel better but it’s also better for your skin.

5. Applying concealer wrong. This is an easy mistake to make. I’ve done it up until I found out that applying your concealer in triangle shapes on your dark circle and a little bit beneath will help conceal better and blend easier into the skin. Don’t make small dots under your eyes.

6. Not using primer with glitter eyeshadow. Well to be honest you should use primer with any eyeshadow. This will help prevent creasing and will make the eyeshadow last all day!. Glitter eyeshadows have the wonderful ability of getting glitter every freaking were. It also has the most fallout. Putting primer on will help that shit stay locked in place!

7. Curling your lashes with mascara on. Whenever I curl my lashes I always do it before adding mascara. I don’t curl often but when I do it’s usually after I put on all my eyeshadow and eyeliner and right before I put on mascara. I don’t curl in between coats either.

8. Applying makeup in the wrong lighting. This sometimes can’t honestly be helped. Lightbulbs usually give off crappy yellow lighting and if they’re not enough watts it makes it even harder to see. Most people recommend heading out into natural sunlight to fix your makeup, usually in your car before you start driving. But honestly who wants to take your entire makeup kit to your car to fix a few mistakes. What I do is always try going to different areas of my house and see how the makeup looks there or if I actually do my makeup in the day, I pull up my blinds and see what I’ve got going on before I leave the house. That way I can fix any mistake without having to haul everything outside.

9. Keeping makeup past their expiration date. I’ve done this, I’m sure we all have. One part of the problem is that we don’t exactly know when certain products expire. I made a quick post about that here. The other part of the problem is that makeup is expensive and when we don’t use it every day we tend to not want to throw it away because it would be wasteful. I know I have a few eyeshadows that are probably over a year old but they haven’t irritated my skin yet so i actually keep using them. I’m not recommending this for other people to do, instead I’m being honest in what I do with my makeup. Mostly i use products that I’ve bought recently because, obviously when you buy a new product you use it more often then your older ones. A good way to combat this is set certain time frames to use up your old makeup. My Beauty Blog made a nice post about this here.

10. Applying the wrong shade of concealer. Concealer should be about a shade lighter than your natural skintone. Some people go farther than this and end up putting on super light concealer. This just make your face look like there are headlights under your eyes. It’s a lot less flatter and isn’t the right approach to subtlety. Try testing the concealer color on your face the same way you would test liquid foundation. You can even test them both side by side to see how dark or light the concealer color is compared to the color of you foundation.


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Makeup No-No’s

      1. Yes! 🙂 I use shampoo to clean them but I just get lazy to do it even though it doesn’t even take that long haha. Thank you for the recommendation! $3 is very cheap! 😀 ❤


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