Makeup Brushes and How to Use Them

We all have our collection of makeup brushes whether they’re big or small but do you know how to use them correctly? I use my brushes a variety of ways but here are some of the basic ways to use them and their rightful purposes.

Fan Brush:

Fan brushes help to lightly dust on powders like highlighters or bronzers. I personally use my fan brush to help contour my nose. It has great precision especially for the bridge of the nose. It can also help dust away excess products such as fallout. Fan brushes are pretty gently and softer than most brushes. They have a light application as well.

Powder Brush:

Powder brushes are usually bigger and have a lot more fibers on them. This is because they are used for all over face application. These are good for powder foundation, blush or bronzer.

Kabuki Brushes:

These little guys are great for buffering products onto the skin. It’s best for powdered foundations, mineral powders, or even setting powders. I actually use mine for buffing in my liquid foundation to give it a more flawless finish. I buff my foundation in with a circular motion. The shape of the kabuki brush is similar to that of the powder foundation brush.

Foundation brushes:

However foundation brushes can also be flatter, this is usually to help apply liquid foundation better. You use it more like a paint brush and “paint” the foundation into your skin with nice strokes rather than buffering in a circular motion.

Beauty Blenders:

These dumb overpriced sponges are actually useful. They help with liquid product application and can be used both dry or damp. I use mine slightly damp and use a rocking motion to work my concealer into my skin. I have a teardrop shaped one and I use the pointed tip of it to get the corners of my eyes and other hard to reach places. The best way to find a good Beauty Blender knockoff is testing to see how soft the sponge is. The softer the better. Most knockoffs are rather hard and don’t help with blending much. I found my knockoff in Claire’s for I think $3-6.

Contour Brushes:

These brushes are usually angled and are best used for application of bronzers and blushes. This helps with precision contouring around the cheekbone and jawline areas.

Concealer Brush:

If you can’t find ac heap enough beauty blender there are two options, a concealer brush (you can even get it as a duo with a liquid foundation brush) or your ring fingers. Concealer brushes however can help with being more precise and it’s better to use them first then blend the rest with your ring finger. They’re flat just like liquid foundation brushes just a lot more smaller.

Angled Linger Brushes:

These are great for gel eyeliners. They can also help creating the most precise cat eye ever. Angled brushes are also great for creating and shaping your brows so you can kill two birds with one stone. There are also bent angled eyeliner brushes that are great for creating winged and cat eyeliners.

Dome Eyeshadow Brushes:

These are the basic eyeshadow brushes best for all over eyeshadow application. You can also use flat eyeshadow brushes which look similar to concealer brushes to help with packing on the color onto the lid.

flat eyeshadow brush

Fluffy Blending Brushes:

These are perfect for using in the crease for transition colors and blending colors overall. Also great for smoking colors out or hazing them to create softer looks.

Angled Shadow Brush and Pencil Brushes:

These are good for getting into the outer V of the eye or creating sharper lines. With pencil brushes I tend to add the color using a small circular motion to help build up/pack on the color and with angled brushes and a bit of tape i create sharp lines.

Now I got my set of brushes online on ebay. Normally you can buy a large set of brushes for $5-10 dollars. That might not last as longer as high end brushes but they will get the job done. And if you take care of them they can last awhile. I’ve never gotten a high end makeup brush and I’m sure they might make a difference but like I always say you don’t always need high end products to get a high end look. You can also get cheap brushes from e.l.f, BH Cosmetics (who have pretty decent prices for brush sets, I was surprised), Amazon, Wal-Mart and Target.


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