Best E.L.F. Products

This should be no surprise to anyone that I love e.l.f. It’s one of my favorite brands to get, totally affordable and their products actually work! Well most of them anyway! There are some duds but today we’ll be talking about the best products to spend your money on on and their retailers. Of course this is all opinion based, and these are all products I’ve used before. So from my experience these are my favorite products.

1. Lip Exfoliator: This is a great little product that is pretty much a compact sugar scrub. You rub it on your lips, it takes off the dead skin cells and leaves your lips feeling super sexy soft.

2. Tinted Moisturizer: This is one of my favorite products. My skin is dry and I don’t like putting on a full face of liquid foundation all the time. The tinted moisturizer is the perfect solution. The coverage is nice and light and evens out the redness in my t-zone.

3. Waterproof Eyeliner Crayon: I use the black color for this one. It’s definitely waterproof and it goes on really black. My eyes water a lot and this eyeliner stays on fairly well. It’s not my favorite eyeliner to use but it is worth the money. It would also be good for smudging.

4. Studio Cream Eyeliner: Geez, this creamy eyeliner is so nice and smooth. It goes on really well and is pretty black. I haven’t used it in awhile because…well I think I lost it haha. But I believe I ordered the white cream eyeliner so I can start using a new extreme eyeliner. I used a bent angled eyeliner brush for this to get the perfect precision with the cream.

5. Eyebrow Filler and Lifter: THIS PRODUCT MEANS THE WORLD TO ME!! I’m actually almost done with my first stick and just ordered a second one. This fills in my brows nicely, as I prefer using pencils instead of gel brow filler. I haven’t found a nice priced eyebrow gel (and yes I’ve tried the e.l.f. one but I prefer the pencil) that I like yet. This pencil is the best at least, I think so. The concealer blends nicely into the skin as well and provides a nice highlight to the browbone.

6. Translucent Mattfying Powder: If I have the right foundation color and just want to set it without adding more color I like using this powder. It’s light and translucent and goes on fairly well. You can also use the HD Powder but I mostly use this for setting latex in my special effects makeup.

7. Makeup Mist and Set: This will hold you makeup down! I always use this for my full face makeup and my forehead tends to sweat a lot. The Mist and set makes sure that even if I wipe my forehead not that much product comes off. I usually spray all over my face about 2-3 times and thats enough to set everything in place.

8. Daily Moisture Stick: This is a perfect moisturizer and I use it a lot in the morning when my skin is most dry. It has antioxidents, anti aging ingredients and several different types of oils that help moisturize and soothe the stick. The stick also adds for easy application and I just pat it into my skin gently.

9. Angled Eyeliner Brush: Not exactly a makeup product but this brush is really good and a cheap price. Most angled eyeliner brushes are overly expensive and this brush does the same thing for $3. I use this with the cream eyeliner mentioned above.

10. Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder: I use this all the time. I get really worried about using a bronzer that’s too dark and the St. Lucia color is a nice gentle brown that isn’t too dark on my skin tone. It was a great beginner bronzer for me and the powder is very soft and easy to blend.

I hope you enjoyed my mini list of great e.l.f products. I’m going to be trying some new products soon and hopefully might be able to add onto this list. Thanks for reading!


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