New Brand Spotlight (Haul)! Lush Bathbombs/Toiletries

OK so I’ve never actually tried Lush. I’ve heard a lot about it but I never tried it. I recently started taking baths once I got my own apartment and essentially my own bathtub and it’s become my favorite way to relax. So naturally I wanted to give Lush a try. I haven’t used them yet but I probably use the first bathbomb this weekend (or maybe on Valentine’s Day for some self-love!….wait…that sounds dirty…um…)

So here’s what I got:


Space Girl bathbomb $5.25

Phoenix Rising bathbomb $6.95

Ice Blue Soap $6.40

Atomic Toothy Tabs $4.95

Free Sample of Skin’s Shangri La Facial Moisturizer

I picked Space Girl because…I freakin’ love galaxies. Like they’re gorgeous and absolutely perfect. I saw a picture of a Lush bath bomb on tumblr that looked like the person was bathing in a galaxy. I assumed this was the bath bomb that produced that effect. I hope this is it because it might suck if it’s not! Haha! This bath bomb has nice grapefruit oil and real Pop Rocks (they say fizzy candies on the website but I’m sure it’s just pop rocks) The candies are black currant flavor. These are two scents I’ve actually never tried before. I’ve just started using orange scents in my baths so to try new fruity scents should be interesting.

The Phoenix Rising is gorgeous. Not only is it one of favorite colors-purple- it has great flecks of gold as well. It also is one of my favorite scents, apple cinnamon. I ADORE APPLE CINNAMON! It’s just relaxing and full of comfort. I can’t wait to pop this in and be bedazzled in gold.

The Ice Blue Soap was a little bit of an impulse buy. I couldn’t really decide what to get and the Ice blue Soap is a peppermint based soap. I’m not usually a fan of peppermint scented bath things (other than hair products) but I thought I’d give it a shot since Peppermint is invigorating and refreshing.

The last thing I got is Toothy Tabs. I got the extra strength ones I think. When I was a kid I didn’t develop good dental hygiene habits. It wasn’t anyone’s fault but my own. So I don’t have completely straight teeth, I don’t have super bright teeth and my breath isn’t always the best. I thought that trying a new dental product might help. As i try and develop better habits as an adult I’m hoping this will help fuel the fire to be better.

I honestly can’t wait to take a bath! I’ve never been more stoke for personal hygiene XD. Tell me what are your fave Lush products, I’d love to give them a try! Reviews coming soon:)



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