Hello Luvies!

I decided to make a “professional” instagram account for the blog since my personal pictures would pop up on the page, and not that they’re bad pictures (or risque) I was just sure no one that followed a makeup blog wanted to see my anime and wrestling crapXD

so, yeah! I got a instagram which is connected to the blog. It’s @makeuponatightbudget

As of now I’m still updating, following makeup instas, and putting things together so bare with me!

And I’m not going to lie my primary goal is to get sponsored by e.l.f since I really love them so much, it wasn’t my primary reason for creating a blog and I’ll probably never get sponsored but it’s always nice to have a goal! Obnoxious tagging will occur on the instagram but i’m sure you guys do the same. Don’t worry I’ll still comment and try and answer anyones questions and comments as best as I can!:)

This one will have pictures of all my makeup looks and some of the hauls I do but of course all the information will be on this blog. All the details and links will still be on here. Instagram is just for pictures after all. Please join me guys and comment below with your instagram so I can follow you:)!



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