MOTD: Cat Eye/Use of New Products

So today I had a headshot photoshoot to do for my LGBTQ Center at my university. I work at the center and we’re working on improving our info page with biographies of our interns. So I needed to do something quick and easy, that also made me look presentable. The bad part is that I ran out of time and messed up a little >.<! More about that later. For now here’s the look I did!


Quick note: My face looks so different in this picture! I’m not sure why, maybe the angle I took it at, the shape of the cat eye? I’m not sure! It was weird haha.

So here’s what I used:

Flower BB Cream in BB3

e.l.f Eyebrow Pencil and Concealer Duo

Flower Lighten Up Brightening Concealer

bH cosmetics That’s Heart Palette

Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster Eyeliner

Urband Decay’s Primer Potion

So like I mentioned before I was on a quick time crunch because I decided to sleep in an extra 10 minutes. So I pretty much had to run to catch the bus, which sucks because the bus was actually 10 minutes late! Ugh, I could’ve touched up my face!

Anyway, I of course did my eyebrows first. I applied Flower’s BB Cream all over (review later!). I dabbed a bit on and blended it into the skin using my Real Techniques blending sponge. I then used the Flower Brightening concealer click pen to apply concealer under my eyes, a little on my forehead, down the bridge of my nose, and my chin. Though because this was the first time using the pen I had to twist the clicker until the product pushed up into the applicator brush, so i might’ve put on a little too much. Good news is that a little goes a long way! I blended that as well with my sponge.

Then I used my Physician’s Formula eyeliner to do a cat eye. I actually forgot to line my left lashline (because I was running out of time and for some reason it slipped my mind and my cat eye was a tad sloppy. I get frantic when I rush) I also dabbed a bit of Urban Decay’s Primer Potion in my crease and used the neutral color (2nd row of shadows, third color from the left) from the That’s Heart palette.


I just used a fluffy blending brush to pop some warmth onto the crease. Then I contoured my face using the bronzer, added a bit of highlight  under the eyes, on the forehead, a little on the nose and by the tear ducts.Then I put a dab of blush on my cheeks. At this point I had to pop on my wig and run out the house so I forgot mascara! I was so sad. I always like putting on mascara with my looks, I mean who doesn’t? But I was rushing and completely forgot.

20150211_103419Some close up of the eyes:

20150211_103356 20150211_103402


8 thoughts on “MOTD: Cat Eye/Use of New Products

  1. Psh chick you look amazing! I think you did a great job and honestly I hate time crunching when it comes to makeup. My hands tend to shake when I know I don’t have much time and I tend to mess up even more D:


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