New Brand Spotlight (Haul) bH Cosmetics

Third haul is from bH Cosmetics. Like I’ve said before I’ve been looking for new brands to try. bH Cosmetics was either having a sale or is always reasonably cheap (I’m not sure since I’ve never shopped on the website before) but when I put in my order I ended up saving $42!


There was also a promotional code that was if you spend $25 you would get free shipping and a free gift. Also, I just checked and bH was having a sale when I got my products. The sale as of 2/9 is still going on.

Here’s what I got:


Galaxy Chic palette (sale price $12)

That’s Heart Limited Edition Eyeshadow and Blush Palette (sale price $6.50)

bH Liquid Foundation (sale price $4) in M5 Golden Beige (this is trial color as I’m not sure if it’s my right foundation color)

Eye and Lip Makeup remover (sale price $3)

Free Gift: bH Liquid Eyeliner in Black (full size!)

Okay let me just start by saying the packaging is adorable. It’s really cute, simple and chic. But I’m going to take a few minutes to gush over this damn galaxy palette. Oh. My. God. The colors are gorgeous and they look like actual planets in little eyeshadow things! Look at them!


The shine is from the protective plastic cover. But these are absolutely astounding and a lot of the colors such as “earth” and “asteroid” have a combination of colors and might produce a beautiful depth of colors to eye looks. I’m super excited to try these out. I’m really looking for an excuse to try it out. I might just slap some makeup on this weekend and not go anywhere. “earth” and “moon” would look great together with the combination of blues and browns. I’m fangirling over this palette hardcore. Oh god, it’s amazing!

The next palette I got Is the That’s Heart palette. It has 8 eyeshadow colors-4 neutrals, 4 pops of colors-, a bronzer/highlighter duo and a blush. I actually want to try the bronzer as I’m looking for different shades of bronzer to try on my skintone. I’m wondering if I should go a tad bit darker than I’ve been going now. I’d also love to do an entire look with just this palette.


As I mentioned before the liquid foundation is just to try out different kinds/shades of my tone to try and find the “perfect” shade/formula for me. And the free gift was an awesome full size liquid eyeliner! You can never get enough liquid eyeliner!


That galaxy palette is mine and I’m so ready to try it out!! Let me know if you’ve guys ever tried bH cosmetics, what you think of it and if you’re still taking advantage of this amazing sale!



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