Applying Makeup on Dry Skin

I have psoriasis so my skin dries out rather quickly. My problem areas are usually my legs, arms, elbows and of course my face. My skin gets hit the worst during the winter months. My skin gets ashy and dessert like and can’t seem to even get enough moisture. This makes applying makeup a little bit difficult. Here are a few steps I follow to try and combat the drying winter months.

1. Exfoliate. I exfoliate everytime I take a shower, or I use a mask if I’m taking a bath. My favorite scrub is Equate’s Apricot Scrub, the knockoff of St. Ives Apricot Scrub. Not only does it clears blackheads and cleanses pores but it also has acne medication and is good for all skin types. It’s paraben and oil free as well. The walnut shells and cornmeal help scrub away dead skin cells and leaves the skin really smooth.

2. Moisturize. After you exfoliate you should always moisturize to refresh those new skin cells. I use two different moisturizers depending on the time of day. After I exfoliate in the shower, I use Equate Dual Action Moisturizer, a knockoff of Clean and Clear Moisturizer. Or if I’m moisturizing in the morning I’ll use e.l.f’s Daily Moisture Stick. The oils in this stick helps add even moisture without being too oily, at least for my skin anyway. The Dual Action Moisturizer is good because as it’s a cream it’s better for night time use and retaining the moisture throughout your sleepy time. The oil is better for the morning because it sinks in a bit faster and is a good prep step before you apply any makeup. The equate moisturizer is around $3.40-4 and the e.l.f moisture stick is $6.

3. As far as putting on actually beauty products I always like to use a Tinted Moisturizer. For some people tinted moisturizer can be too sheer and not provide enough coverage but as I’m using it for mostly its moisturizing purposes it’s ok. I don’t need much evening out of my skin tone either as I have minimal redness so it provides the perfect amount of coverage. I use e.l.f’s Tinted Moisturizer. You can also try a featherweight or lightweight formula liquid foundation for more coverage just make sure it also has moisturizing properties without being too oily. I use a light dusting of foundation powder to set the tinted moisturizer but I don’t use the powder on its own.

4. Try not to apply your foundation with your fingers, they might absorb the oils you’ll need to moisturize your skin. Try instead using synthetic brushes or even a damp beauty sponge.

5. Try and skip waterproof formula as they tend to suck out moisture.

These are just a few steps that I do that help create a smooth look to my dry skin when I put on makeup. Obviously this won’t help everyone of course but I thought I’d share a few of the things I do, no matter how basic they are. Hope this helps!


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