DIY Lip Balm Rings

Hello Lovelies!

I took a trip to my local craft store recently and picked up a few things. Since my friend’s birthday is coming up, and she likes rings I wanted to make her something special. I found these rings at Micheal’s (in the bead aisle) on sale for $2.50. They had a really cute filigree like style and they were also small lockets.


Here’s what they look like.

So I decided to fill these little locket rings with some DIY lip balm

What you’ll need (keep in mind that since these lockets are small I didn’t need much ingredients)


  • coconut oil (about 2 parts)
  • beeswax, I used all natural beeswax from some honey farmer’s (1 part)
  • Vitamin E Oil, I actually didn’t have oil but I had a small Vitamin E Stick that I got from Sally’s and use a bit of that (a few drops)
  • A glass measuring cup
  • a spoon
  • a container for your lip balm
  • (Optional) essential oil or flavoring to make it smell/taste good (i used Rose)

So to begin you’ll have to grate your beeswax. I didn’t have a grater to I just took a knife to it and chopped off some small pieces. I should have used just a bit more that I put it but it’s ok. Practice makes perfect. Put the beeswax in the measuring cup.


Then take some coconut oil and dump it right on in there. I used about a 1/2 tablespoon for this. Again I should’ve used more beeswax, this will give a more waxy texture rather than oily. I liked the bit of oiliness since it added extra moisture to by lips but maybe if you were pouring this into a chapstick mold you’d want it to be a bit more sturdy.


Now here’s the vitamin E stick I got from Sally’s Beauty Supply.

20150207_214336I cut off the tip of this (literally that little bit you see is what I put in). Then you melt the oil, wax, and vitamin E in the microwave for about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Stir it a little to get rid of all unmelted chunks, they will melt in the hot liquid as you stir. When you oils and stuff is nice and liquid add a few drops of your essential oil or flavoring. You can also add color by using natural fruit juice from berries. Stir the essential oil/flavor/color in.


Now just pour it into your container. You can use an eyedropper for this if you work quick enough and it doesn’t set up inside the tube.


Mine however set up int he tube while I was trying to take the photo so I just had to pour it in very slowly using the measuring cup. Also I set up a little drying station so the rings would stay upright as the liquid cooled. I took a super small tupperware, added some tape strips across the center and set the rings in so they would stay in place. I let them cool on the counter for a few minutes before transferring them to my fridge to cool for a couple of hours.

Now they don’t have any color so it doesn’t show up on the lips but here’s what they look like all done:


And there you have it. Super simple, cute and useful! Enjoy!



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