MOTD: Soft Grunge

As we all know the 90s were the grunge years and just recently have been coming back into fashion. The only difference is that back then grunge meant smearing black eyeliner everywhere and wearing yesterdays makeup. Now it’s a little bit more fashion-y and put together. 90s grunge had lots of deep browns and black eyeshadows and smudgey black eyeliner, even some greys. There was plenty of mascara, red/burgundy lips, and not that much blush. I thought I could pull this look off in around 15 minutes. I was wrong. I tried to do this look before my class and I had to run out the house with a bag full of makeup to finish touching up when I got to school. I actually skipped some of my lab lecture to finish this ;P Anyway this took me about 30 minutes total to do. Since this was a “day” look I didn’t go to dark but I would’ve liked to. I don’t think this looks grunge enough so I’m planning to add more greys and blacks instead of browns next time around. That’s why this is called “soft” grunge. It’s a gentle look that can make you look like the dirty bass player of a band but still a bit classy.


E.l.f Mineral Face Primer in Brightening Lavender

Flower BB Cream in BB3

Covergirl Clean Sensitive Skin Pressed Powder Foundation in Warm Beige

Flower Lighten Up! Brightening Concealer in BC2

That’s Heart Palette (contour and highlighter, deep brown/black eyeshadow)

e.l.f Eyebrow Kit


Urban Decay Eye Primer Potion

Nooner, Darkside, and a bit of Blackheart from Naked 3 palette (knockoff)

Merle Norman Eyeshadow single in Pink Blink

Voulez-Vous, Garter Belt, and In the Buff from the Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette (knockoff)

Flower’s That’s So Kohl! Kohl Eyeliner pencil in Total Blackout

Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara (Travel Size)


e.l.f Longwear LipLiner Pencil in Bitter

e.l.f Long Lasting Lipgloss in Luke

So I basically started doing the eyes in the house and then had to finish my face at the bus stop, put on my wig when I went to the bathroom during class and finished my contour/lips. Anyway the colors I used were a mixtures of browns, a smidge of pink for warmth, a touch of grey and a bit of black. I started off by priming my eyes as always. I applied “Nooner” which is just a little bit lighter than my natural skintone all over my mobile lid. To recreate this look on your skin tone find a base color that matches. “Nooner” is a beige color with pinkish undertones. I then took a fluffy brush and began sweeping a brown shade from the That’s Heart palette all along the crease. It’s a shimmery light cocoa color.

Adding onto the crease I picked up just a tiny bit of the Merle Norman Pink Blink. This is a shimmery pink that’s a bit bright so I was light handed with it. I just wanted a bit of warmth and I don’t actually have any burgundy shades (which would also look great with this look) so I just tried the bit of pink. This look would also be much better with matte shadows but for some reason all my shadows are shimmery! I don’t even like shimmer that much! Anyway I began to buff in “Darkside” on the outer corner of the eye in small circular motions. “Darkside” is a shimmery grey color so even though I was creating wamrth and depth in my crease I wanted the rest of the eye to look a bit dark. When I found out that the grey didn’t make the look dark enough I tried adding a bit of “Blackheart”, a shimmery black, blended with the grey.

I was carefully adding each color so it wouldn’t get muddy, which is probably why I was late, haha. I then wanted more browns to the look so I went back into the crease and added “Voules-Vouz” And “Garterbelt” a mid range shimmery cocoa and a matte light brown respectively. After that I took the Kohl Eyeliner and added it to both my lashlines. This particular kohl pencil has a smudge sponge tip on the other side so I used that to smudge the color out, look a little messier, and grungey-er. Then I added two coats of mascara and a smaller amount on my bottom lashes.



Open so you can see the mascara and eyeliner

For the face I added concealer under the eyes, on the bridge of my nose, and chin. I blended it in using a damp beauty sponge. I added Primer after that because I thought I was just going to use the concealer but I decided on doing a full face. Because the concealer is lighter than my actual skintone I pretty much went outside looking like a ghost. I’m at the bus stop at this point putting my makeup on in the cold using only the mirror in my tiny purse. Dedication people! Smeared the BB cream on with my fingers then touched it up with the sponge. I added some of the pressed powder to set everything.

I get on the bus, walk 20 minutes to my class, take my quiz then book it out of there towards the nearest bathroom. I finally get my wig on and then contour my face. I used the bronzer in the That’s Heart palette and added it to my cheekbones. I blended in downward motions towards my jawline. To add a bit of depth I added the darkest brown/black shade from the palette into the bronzer and made sure to blend it well so there wasn’t a dark line.

For the lips I lined them with the Bitter lippencil which is a deep reddish plum. For the love of god please don’t buy this pencil from e.l.f It’s hard as a rock, not creamy at all and it physically hurt to put it on. I would not recommend it. The Lipgloss however was good. It was a deep plum color. The stickiness was minimal and the color was really nice. It leaves behind a nice stain but it does feather a bit, i think most lip products do though. So yeah! That’s the “good girl/soft grunge” look I guess. I will definitely try to go darker next time, maybe when I’m going out so i’m not rushed and have more time.

                                                                       Final Look

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