Review: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask

If you’ve read my other Freeman’s Beauty review here you know that I really enjoy Freeman’s products. My favorite products are the clay like masks as I feel they work well for my skin and help clear my pores out nicely while also softening my skin. They’re one of my favorite products to use when I want to pamper myself for a bit. Recently on a trip to Wal-Mart I purchased 3 sample packs of different Freeman’s Beauty masks. They’re a little bit over $1 and are a great way to try the differnet masks to not only find which one works for you but which one you like best. Which is awesome because this mask sucked and I’m glad I didn’t buy a full bottle of it.


The peel off mask is different from the clay mask as it’s a clear, thick mask that you smear on your face, wait until it dries and peel it off. Now when I say thick…it is thick and super goopy and gross. Not to mention that this mask is supposed to smell like cucumbers and when I opened the package I thought it smelled more like pickles.

Though it’s clear, you can see the texture is thick and was dripping all over from where I ripped it open

I really hated putting this on my face. As I said it was very goopy and messy. When I gathered some on my fingers it was dripping down and when I applied it to my forehead it dripped onto my eyelid and into my eyelashes. Luckily the mask can be easily removed with a bit of water. I also got some on my lips when I was applying it around my mouth area, which was hella gross.

As you can see, I’m not a happy camper

If you look closely, especially around my cheek, you can see how thick it is. It literally looks and felt like I dumped corn syrup on my face. The normal time for this mask to set is 5-10 minutes and I’m assuming it’s supposed to be “easy” to peel off. However because I was sitting in my hot bath water and my body temp increased enough to make me sweat the mask might not have set right. Though to be fair when I put my Avocado Clay Mask (also from Freeman’s) it does get dry like it’s supposed to. I think it might have worked better if i had lasted the full ten minutes it should have taken to set it but I just really needed to get it off my face. It made my face feel really weird and taught, which I understand it’s a peel off mask it’s supposed to do that, but I didn’t like that feeling.

The mask itself has a lot of nice fruit extracts and ingredients but it also has Aloe. Aloe is great and all, really great for skin but if you’ve ever cut open an Aloe leaf straight from a plant you know that it’s thick, goopy, and has a gross smell when you apply it to the skin. I have an Aloe plant in my home that I’ve had to cut open and apply to burns. The smell for me is similar to B.O. So I think the addition of the Aloe gave it the horrid texture and fought with the nice fruit smells and made it smell like Pickles. I know Pickles are of course pickled cucumbers but there is a distinct smell between them. I have a Yes To: Cucumbers Night cream that smells wonderful…and like cucumbers.

My face is soft but I don’t feel like it’s clean. In fact I feel like there’s a residue on my skin. I was going to put my night cream on but I thought that maybe with the left over mask it would clog my pores or not even sink in. Overall I would give this mask a 0/5. I think it’s horrible.

I have another Freeman’s Beauty mask that I’ll be reviewing that is much more positive since it’s another clay mask! So Stay tuned for that!



12 thoughts on “Review: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Cucumber Peel Off Mask

      1. Yep! I can get it off in one or two pieces if my nose is being stubborn. The only issue I have with it is gets in my eyebrows but that’s any mask. I also use a toner after it which cuts down on the gross feeling on the face.


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