Review: Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Dead Sea Minerals Anti-Stress Mask


Like in my other two posts about Freeman’s Beauty Masks, I mentioned how I got some sample packs from Wal-Mart. The last time I bought a sample pack, My sister got this one and I got the diamond something or other mask. I’ll have to buy that one again to do a proper review of it. However, I wanted to try the Dead Sea Mask this time around.

This one is another clay mask which a thick creamy consistency.


It stays in place on your fingers and is super easy to apply. It goes on smooth has a nice layer of coverage. The smell is very light and not overwhelming. You apply this like their other masks, leaving on for about 5-7 minutes or so and letting it dry before washing off.


Once you successfully look like a member of the Blue Man Group you’re set.

This mask has really awesome ingredients in it like Bentonite clay (i made soap with this before and it’s amazing!), Sea Salt, Vitamin E, Kaolin (which is another type of clay mineral), Lavender and Bergamot oil. The Lavender helps with the ANti-Stress part of the mask other than the whole I put a nice face mask that’s helping my skin while also laughing at how silly my blue face looks (or you can scare your roommate:P)

I would totally buy the full version of this and will see if I can find it at Ulta. Usually Wal-Mart has the Avocado and the Charcoal Sugar Scrub as well as the sample packs but I don’t see much variety other than that. I might have to shop around and maybe even order it online. I also think you can buy it off of Freeman’s website.

I realize I’ve actually tried a handful of Freeman’s mask and they have some really interesting sounding online exclusive samples. Is it ok to bury your self in facial mask samples? I think so.

Oh! Overall this is a 5/5 and a would try again/would buy item!:)



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