MOTD: Editorial Inspired Dark Look

So my friend and my lovely model Rae come over and wanted me to do something spooky on her. I actually practiced special effects makeup before on her and she looks looking crazy and stuff so I wanted to do something cool and edgy on her. After some simple googling i found an imagine I wanted to recreate/use for inspiration.

I didn’t do everything exact but I tried my best. Halfway through I thought that it really didn’t look good but after adding on some eyeliner and mascara as well as some white face paint it looked kinda spooky and I liked it. It was definitely less fashion-y than this picture and more Halloween-y but that’s pretty much our style. Rae loved it and that’s all that mattered. Some of the products I used are special effects products with you don’t have to use at all. There are ways to cover the eyebrows with just some glue and concealer. I tried to cover the eyebrows using some methods I remembered off the top of my head and well…I failed. I really did. the eyebrows stayed flat until I started adding product to it and If i were to recreate this look I’d definitely look up an exact way to do it, which is what I’m suggesting to everyone else since I didn’t do a god job.

What I used was:

A glue stick, the purple glue sticks from Elmer’s are most suggested.

As spoolie or metal spatula (for applying makeup, not cooking)

Some powder, I used Colorless Light Touch Powder from Cinema Secret but you can use any colorless matifying powder.

Some SynWax from Mehron or Nose and Scar Wax from Ben Nye (as I said before, you don’t have to use special effects products to do this. I’ve seen people cover their eyebrows using everyday items as well as special effects products. I do special effects makeup and had this stuff in my kit so I used it.)

Some concealer. I used Flower’s Concealer Kit which has a light flesh tone color as well as a green tinted concealer.

Because I epically failed I’ll run through this quickly. Use the glue stick to press the hair down into the skin. For the front of the brow use upward strokes and for the tail use sideways strokes. This goes with the growth of the hair. Comb through it with a spoolie and let it set for 5 minutes or so. Repeat the process around 2-3 more time. I used a very cheap glue stick so this could’ve added onto my problems. It was also a white gluestick and not a purple one like so many people suggest. Also cheap glue/Elmer’s glue is usually water soluble and will easily wash off your brow hairs. I used a bit of SynWax to go over the brows again and try and still them down. I think I either didn’t put enough or I should’ve used the Nose and Scar Wax instead. This process is good for when you’re putting latex on over your eyebrows. It prevents the later from sticking to the hair, thus resulting in you giving yourself a bad wax job. After this dried I added a touch of the colorless powder then applied the concealer little by little.

Start with the glue stick
Brush the glue through with a spoolie
After drying in between and adding the SynWax,              dab the concealer on a bit at a time
Try to cover all the hairs as best you can
The glue started to become chunky here and didn’t                provide a smooth transition

So yeah, after the botched eyebrows I just went on with the look and tried my best.

For the eyes I used:

elf’s Eye Primer

Nyx Jumbo Pencil in Milk

Hard Candy’s Top Ten Eyeshadow Collection in Smoke Out.(this is a purple/silver palette. I used the deepest purple shade, the shimmery white highlight and the first 2 silver/grey shades)

Sleek’s I-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 (i just used the neon purple

Pixi’s Ultimate Beauty Kit 2nd Edition (I used the matte black in it and this was I think around $30 bucks so not exactly budget friendly but it does come with 40 eyeshadows and 12 highlighter and cheek powders so it’s an investment, use any matte black you have)

Flower’s That’s Kohl! Kohl Eyeliner Pencil in Total Blackout

Physician’s Formula 2-in-1 Eye Booster

NYC Sky Rise Mascara

Complete Eye Look

So I started off with the white base, applying it all over the eye, crease and the eyebrow. Then i dabbed the shimmery white highlight (6) color from the Hard Candy palette all over the mobile lid. Then I began added the lighter shimmery silver shade (7) in the crease. I used the second silver eyeshadow (8) in the outer corner of the eye to add some depth to the crease and pulled the color towards the center of the lid. On the Eyebrow area I added the neon purple from the Sleek palette and patted it onto the Milk base so create a bright pop of purple. I blended it a little above the eyebrow area to smoke it out just a bit. I used the deepest purple color from the Hard Candy palette (5) and blended that in with the neon purple and a bit into the crease. I make sure that the colors didn’t turn out to muddy. I smoked this deep purple towards the outer edge of the eyebrow (right above it). The eyebrow itself created a new “crease” where I added the matte black. Also if you don’t have the Pixi palette or another matte the Hard Candy palette does have a black that is significantly less shimmery than the other colors. It’s not exactly matte but it will do. You could try doing this look entirely with the Hard Candy palette as well. From here on I just blended the purples and silvers in when needed. If I lost some of the colors I added it back then blended it out. I also dragged that black color beside the bridge of the nose to contour ever so slightly. I used a fluffy blending brush for the blending of course.

I then added a semi-thick eyeliner line then added the mascara. I used the kohl pencil in the waterline adn used the smudge brush on the opposite end of the pencil to smudge it out.

Rae said that she felt like she could be in Black Swan

For the face I used Bloody Mary’s White grease face paint (you could also use Halloween creme makeup but it doesn’t last as long. The Grease paint adds for a smoother application. I applied this all over the face at first with a cheap cosmetic sponge then buffed it all in with a kabuki brush. I then used the Cinema Secrets colorless powder to set the makeup. I buffed it in as well. For the lips I made sure to get some of the white color on there as a base then used a cheap black lipstick to fill in the lips. I also used the black lipstick for a harsh contour and buffed/blended it in with the kabuki brush.

She does look like she could be in Black Swan huh? I think it’s funny the way it turned out since that wasn’t exactly the look I was going for. As for the reference picture…I actually barely looked at it. I mostly used it as a base idea and just start putting stuff on the face. Which is why there was a lack of picture as well, sorry about that. I was kind of caught up in the moment. Rae also thought she looked like a crazy witch, haha. It was pretty fun to do and would probably be a great Halloween look as well. You’ve gotta make the best out of your mistakes.


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