I Have a Problem…

My problem is I’ve got some sweet ass followers who are constantly nominating me for awards! It’s pretty awesome to think that people actually believe that I’m deserving of such a thing! This is another reason I love wordpress. There’s not any toxicity on here (from my experience so far) and people have a chance to do nice things like this for others.

With that being said I think my Liebster Award Nominee count is now up to 4? 3 or 4 at least. I get different followers nominating me for this all the time. This seems to be the most common award floating about in the wordpress world. This time a fellow broke ass college student nominated me!! Us college kids have got to stick together. Please head on over to brokebeautybabeonabudget to give her some love and to say thanks!. I’ll be doing her questions just for funsies.

1. Favorite Movie When You Were A Kid?

My mom always tells me how I used to always have Beauty and the Beast on Repeat

2. Favorite Restaraunt?

Olive Garden

3. If you could be any Historical figure, who would you be and why?

Probably any strong WOC who made a difference

4. Overdrawn Lips or nah?

I have full lips already so like…yeah

5. Do you have any pets?


6. Do you have a sweet tooth?

no not really. i like chocolate but not in big amounts. I also like cakes and stuff but I usually don’t eat that much of it.

7. Favorite YouTuber?

hmm Sokolum is a beauty, I also like Goldie Starling. She does great SFX work. oh and of course Charlie, aka PinkStylist. He’s adorable.

8. Favorite Lipstick?

Right now it’s Weirdo by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. It’s a matte black.

9. Luxury Item You Want?

Probably that stupid ABH contour palette….Idk why I only contour when I do a full face but still…everyone else has it. oh ok I also think too faced came out with that bronzer wheel. It’s really pretty. Oh and I want some more occ liptars. And the purple shade I’m Royalty from jeffree star

10. Vampires or Werewolves?

Werewolves bitches

11. How Much Wood Could A Woodchuck Chuck If A Woodchuck Could Chuck Wood? 😛

I imagine a beaver in a plaid shirt. Idk why but yeah…

The next award I was nominated for was the Creative Bloggers Award by Megan! I love seeing her posts when they appear on my dash and just I was about to congratulate on being nominated for the award I was surprised to see that she had nominated me! So Thank you, love!

So here are the rules:

  • Nominate 15-20 blogs and notify all nominees via their social media/blogs
  • Thank and post the link of the blog that nominated you (very important)
  • Share 5 facts about yourself to your readers
  • Pass these rules on to them

As for the nominees I’ll address this first. It gets really hard to pick people, like seriously hard. Sometimes I feel biased for picking my favorite blogs, sometimes I want to give people who don’t have a lot of followers like myself a chance but that also means that bigger bloggers don’t deserve a chance too. Pretty much I’ve decided to pull an Oprah and nominate everyone! If you feel like you deserve this award then go ahead and claim it. I get tired of picking and choosing so why not share the love with everyone? Even if you timidly comment “Do I get this award??” consider it gotten, my friend!.

5 facts about me:

1. I just ate a half jar of applesauce while writing this post

2. a little bit personal but I’ve been struggling so much with my mental health lately. Yes I see a therapist, take medication and all those precautionary measures but I just haven’t been my best lately and it sucks.

3. I love studying crystal and herbal healing and in fact need to do some of that to help me now!

4. I wish i could squish my cat up right now because he’s a fat asshole but he does make me feel better

5.Sometimes I really like being alone but then i realize that I’m just…empty? In a way. It can be relaxing at times but also very frightening.

that’s all loves! Have fun. Get your award and post about them! I’d love to hear what you all have to say!. I lurk about reading posts from time to time so don’t be surprised if I comment!

Also I think this brings my Liebster award count up to 3 or 4, I have One Premios Daros (or something) nomination and 1 Creative Bloggers Award nomination.


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