Product Empties/Mini Reviews

Hey guys! So recently I finished some products, beauty and health related and I thought I’d share my opinion on them.


I finished:
Sonoma Spa’s Milk and Honey Bubble Bath
Village Naturals Therapy Stress and Tension Relief Mineral Bath Soak
Freeman’s Feeling Beautiful Charcoal and Black Sugar Mud Mask
Elf’s Eyebrow Lifter and Filler
Equate’s Refreshing Towelettes
and a homemade oatmeal goat milk soap

The Sonoma Spa brand is one i purchase often and repurchase with frequency. It’s my go to bubble bath because you get a big jug of it for around $3 at walmart. It’s not too strongly scented but it does leave your skin soft. Plus you get a nice amount of bubbles(not a sea full like when you were a kid or anything) to relax in. i pour a healthy dose in my tub so i get 4-5 uses out of the jug, which lasts awhile since I only take baths to relax. Since the milk and honey scent is gentle you can mix other scents in. I sometimes like to add my bath and body work bubble baths to it. This helps my b&bw last longer(since they’re expensive) and also gives my bath a boost.

As for the bath soaks I just got a sample pack which was around $1.10. The full size i think runs about $4-5. I also got this at my local walmart. When you first open the package the menthol scent is very strong but once it’s added to the water it seems to dissipate a little. If you have the larger bottle and add more the scent might be strong still. I mixed this in with my milk and honey bath so the scents sort of balanced each other out. My muscles weren’t tense but it did help me relax a bit. Not to mention I had my fave band playing. i love adding bath salts to my bath so I might repurchase this one. However i do like making my own bathsalts at home and I’ve made similar scented salts before.

As for the mask, ya’ll know I love me some Freeman’s beauty masks! This one is different from the charcoal sugar scrub mask because as the name suggests it’s more of a scrub and doesn’t sit nice and smooth on the face. It’s most effective as a scrub than a mask. The mud mask however has the same main ingredients as well was kaolin and bentonite clay which gives it the nice thick clay mask feeling that i love! I think I might purchase the mud mask instead of the scrub from now on. I really love it. Charcoal also works great for people with acne and the sugar helps exfoliate!.


Eyebrow lifter and filler. I use this everyday and have repurchased another one recently. It comes with a brow pencil as well as a concealer pencil to give the lifted look. I mostly use the brow side but i have used the concealer side from time to time. I think it’s the easiest brow product I’ve tried so far. And i do use it everyday so that should tell you have much I love it!

The Equate wipes i have been in love with ever since my sister let me use her pink grapefruit ones to cleanse my face. If i have on a full face it usually takes me about 3-5 wipes to get everything off but it does get everything off minus mascara. It gets some of the mascara off but because I add several coats it doesnt get everything off. However it will easily remove other eye makeup and foundation. The wipes are pretty gentle when it comes to actually wiping them against your skin. However for me I find that they can be a bit drying. That might be because I have psoriasis or because they’re naturally drying. I can’t be too sure. I did by another pack of the makeup remover wipes (these are specifically to remove makeup) and there are several different types available through equate.  Theyre really cheap at around $3 for a pack of 40 wipes. That lasts me awhile.

As for the homemade soap…well I made it haha! I used regular oats for oatmeal(not the instant kind) and some goats milk melt and pour base. I might have added some other things to it like salt or scents but i cant exactly remember. I think i kept it pretty simple. The goats milk is pretty moisturizing for my skin and the oats helps exfoliate my dry skin. I want to make another one soon and maybe use a combination of shea and goats milk soap together!


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