MOTD: Neutral Office Fish

As I’ve mentioned before I have an internship at my campus’ LGBTQ center. So every friday I have enough time to get dolled up and go out. right after work I headed back home to visit my mom. For this look I wanted to try using my Pixi palette since…well it’s a $30 palette. I’ve got to use it. I was wearing all black so I should’ve worn a pop of color I think but it’s also an office setting so I didn’t want to be too crazy. I Know I’ve done neutral looks before but this one is a warm neutral. it also has a lot of shimmer which makes me look dewy.

So I started off my face by priming it with e.l.f’s Mineral Infused Primer in Brightening Lavender. Also I did this look last week of February and I forgot to write things down again so not everything might accurate haha! But I’m pretty sure I used Flower’s BB Cream buffed in with a mini Kabuki brush. Then I used Flower’s Brighten Up! Brightening Concealer. I Used a damp beauty sponge to blend that in.

Now, since i cannot afford that dumb luxurious ABH Contour palette and I wanted to start doing cream contours your homie here used their concealer palette that cost me like $4 on amazon. Werk.

I use the shade I’m pointing to

I use the shade that’s a little less darker than the darkest shade. I’ve normally only contoured with bronzer before but bronzer and contouring are two different things right? Sort of? They’re applied similarly. But I wanted to do my own budget friendly version of cream contouring. And Voila. I apply the concealer with my finger in strips then blend them with a beauty sponge. When I’m done I set this with my bronzing powder. For this I think I used my bronzer/highlight duo from bH cosmetics That’s Heart Palette. I Sealed everything with a pressed powder foundation as well.

That contour gurrrlll

For the eyes I think I used the e.l.f Eyelid Primer in Sheer. It actually holds up well and preforms like a high end primer. I really like it plus it’s a no muss, no fuss application because it has an applicator wand. So I just swept this over my lids and then headed for my Pixi Palette.


20150303_213754 copy

1 goes all over the mobile lid.

2 goes into the crease as the base color

3 goes into the outer corner and towards the middle of the lid

4/5 are mixed together and applied into the outer areas of the crease and blended out.

6 is the highlight color for the brow bone and the inner corner/tear duct of the eye.

I’m a sucker for neutrals, especially browns and coppery colors!

I think I used Avon’s Glimmersticks eyeliner on my lashline and then their Ultra Luxury Liner on the waterline. 2 Coats of mascara, NYC Sky Rise and Smashbox’s Full Exposure. And you’re done!


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