Review: Jeffree Star Cosmetics Velour Liquid Lipstick in Weirdo

Hello my lovelies! Today I’m doing a quick review on a splurge item I recently purchased. I have been following Jeffree Star’s music career for a bit now (not since myself days or anything but I do love some of his songs) and he’s a pretty fabulous person. When I first saw a post of his on tumblr about his launching liquid to matte lipsticks I knew I had to get one. The first few colors came and went pretty quickly. I didn’t have $18 dollars to buy them and ‘Redrum’ (the deep red) and ‘I’m Royalty’ (a deep bright purple) are still on my list of colors to get. HOWEVER, Mr. Star was launching a new color a few weeks back, a pure matte black color.

Now my experience with black lipstick has been shit. I always got those halloween cheap 99 cent black lipsticks that weren’t opaque enough, would slide everywhere and just smudge on my teeth. I couldn’t look my best and darkest in those cheap ass lipsticks. And I mean I’m cheap already. If I didn’t like something that was cheap then there’s something wrong with it. So When I saw this lipstick I HAD to have it. I stalked that page and set up every alarm I could (the company runs on CAlifornia time which is 3 hours behind from where I live. When they launched at 12pm over there it was 3pm here) and I went in, gurl. I snatched her right up, yes I did. And let me tell you NO RAGRETS, not even a letter.


It is a ridiculously nice matte black color that provides excellent coverage. It looks like a regular lipgloss tube and has a wand applicator. When you apply the color you have to wait a few seconds in between for the liquid to dry. I usually do about 2-3 passes on the lips and rub them together, wait for it to dry then fill in any empty spots. And this stuff lasts a long time too, there is no need to reapply at all. I however have gotten accustomed to applying chapstick on like every 10 minutes so I feel like my lips dry out quickly. The lipstick does not dry out your lips, it’s just a personal preference that I have, so I dab on a little extra color for added moisture or dab on a bit of chapstick. You can lick your lips, drink water, eat (as long as it’s not anything too oily) and even kiss with this lipstick on. It pretty much gets stuck to your lips in the best way possible.

Now since this lipstick is $18 (well spent, I might add) it is out of my normal budget range. so it will be awhile before I get any other colors. Black was pretty much my top priority though and I’m really glad I got it. I’ve seen a lot of other pictures of the shades on instagram and they pretty much look great on any skin tone. If he makes a white I’ll definitely get that too! I would love to do a monochrome lip.


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