Easy Peasey Night Time Routine

Wassup homies! Today I’m going to go over my two step easy peasy night skin routine that I do practically every night. This is what I usually do in the shower and when I come out. This is normally if I didn’t wear makeup that day. If I did wear makeup there’s an extra step.

So If I wore makeup, no matter how much, whenever I come home I wipe everything off with makeup remover wipes. I use Equate’s brand, which is Walmart’s knockoff brand of different company products. They have several different kinds of wipes from cleansing, sensitive skin, makeup remover and a bunch more. I use about 2-3 wipes to remove as much makeup as I can. This is usually in the afternoon so I have some time before I take my nightly shower.

If i haven’t worn makeup that day(or if I’ve taken off my makeup already!) I head to the shower before bed. Lately I’ve been using Yes To: Tomatoes Activated Charcoal bar Soap. This soap is actually good for oily and acne prone skin…I have neither but I do love using activated charcoal to help prevent acne. You can actually use this on the body as well, so it works if you have body acne as well. I just like using it on my face as a quick soap cleanser. it’s pretty gentle and leaves my skin squeaky clean.

After my shower I use another Yes To product, their Calming Night Cream (Yes To Cucumbers). This is actually expensive at $15 (I had a coupon when I got this so it was a few dollars cheaper) But if you catch it at full price it’s still well worth it. A little goes a long way with this cream. I mean a small dab can cover your whole face. It’s soothes and leaves it really soft, perfect for right before you go to bed.

See?! Super easy. You cleanse and moisturize in a matter of minutes. I like to keep my skin routines simple since I don’t have skin problems at all, well besides psoriasis! So my most important thing is my moisturizer! Hope you guys enjoyed and are able to try some of the Yes To Products. They’re really good and I enjoy them for my skin!


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