Ways to Minimize Pores

Pores are little openings int eh skin that let out all the skins natural oils and are also home to hair follicles. Everyone has pores all over their bodies, where there is hair at least. There are only a few places that don’t have pores such as the palms of your hands and the bottom of your feet, your eyelids(minus the lashes of course). But pore size is actually because of genetics so you can’t really control the size of them, but you can minimize their appearance and keep them clean so your skin stays as healthy as possible.

The oils naturally produced from our body give our skin the moisture that it needs, sometimes it works overtime making our skin super oily. Thus pores can get clogged and cause acne, white heads, black heads, and irritation and redness. Because of this pores can stretch and become more visible. keeping pores at their smallest size can help minimize acne as well. Some here are some ways to help your pores shrink is visibility and keep your face looking glorious.

Remove dirt and Exfoliate:

This one is pretty simple and everyone should exfoliate. Pretty much dead skin cells and access oils can clog our pores. It also makes them stretch. You can use a cleanser in the morning to just clean your face and give it a fresh start for the day and then exfoliate at night. I normally clean my face once a day, when I’m in the shower but depending on your skin type you might need to cleanse more than once a day. If you’re prone to acne you can try cleansers and exfoliators with salicylic acid.

Don’t touch or pick at your face:

This is actually hard for some people. Some of us fee; the constant need to pick at our face or our acne. This is pretty bad and makes the problem worse. But I think the worse part is that some people don’t even notice that they’re doing it. Fingers and hands in general are oily and because they touch a bunch of surfaces they can accumulate dirt and germs. When your touch your face you’re just redistributing that back onto the face. This just helps to clog pores. So keep those grubby paws off your face.

Pore Strips/Peel Off Masks

You can always use these on your skin to pull off the dirt, black heads, and some dead skin from your face. Pore strips usually target problem areas like the nose but peel off masks can clear pores all over the face. I don’t use these a lot but some people do and it really helps them. You can use the pore strips every night and maybe do the peel off mask 1-2 times a week.

Pore Minimizer:

Some companies make products specifically for minimizing pores. You’ll have to find one that caters to your face and how you want your pore to shrink as with any other cosmetic products. You just need to find what works best for you. Pore minimizers are usually applied after you shower(so with a clean face)

Use Primer:

Primer is awesome! It always evens out my skin before I put any makeup on, it makes the makeup last all day and of course it minimizes the visual appearance of your pores. They keep makeup from seeping into pores which gives your face the even look and helps prevent clogging.

Stay hydrated:

You can use a steam bath to help open up your pores for cleaning. This can help prep your skin for other types of cleansing or things like blackhead/whitehead removal. Also drinking plenty of water will keep your skin looking fresh to def. There are people taht don’t like drinking water which is really weird…I love drinking water and i actually don’t drink soda or juice a lot (only when I got out to eat and stuff). You can also rinse with cold water to help wake up the face and shrink your pores.

Have fun pore shrinking!:)


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