BB, CC, DD Creams, Oh MY!

It seems like we’re just traveling down the alphabet, one double letter at a time in the world of cosmetics. It can all get pretty confusing especially when you’re trying to find the right product for you. I’ve gathered some information on all the kinds of creams offered in the market today (that I know of). Each one has it’s own use and different formulas. So let’s start off with the most common type.

BB, is short for beauty balm or blemish balm. This product was made famous by Asian markets though the formula was created in the 60s in Germany. It was introduced to South Korea and Japan in the 80s as “the secret of Korean actresses” whose smooth porcelain skin is highly desired. It’s a beauty multi tasker that is designed to replace the need for moisturizer, primer, foundation and sunblock. It gives a more natural finish than foundation by evening out the complexation, hydrating the skin and have a boost of sunblock. It can be worn with (or under) foundation as well but BB cream provides light to medium coverage on it’s own. I love using BB cream and have been using my BB Cream from Flower Beauty. It easily blends into the skin and you can use a beauty sponge or even a kabuki brush to buff it in and give yourself a flawless natural finish, Since this is the most common product it will probably be the best bet to start here. Because pale skin is so prized in Asian countries, some of their BB Creams are formulated with skin lightening products. (I personally think this is wrong but every country has their own definition of beauty and i can’t really argue with that. I’m proud of my skin tone and using Western BB Creams is just fine with me! They don’t come with the skin lightening properties.)

CC Creams:

the CC stands for Color Correct or Color Care. This is lighter in texture than most BB Creams and are specifically designed to control redness and discoloration in uneven skintones. These can be used alone but some people find they work better as primers because they’re lighter in coverage. The difference between the two are subtle, but I prefer BB creams because of the better coverage.

DD Creams:

A rose by any other name, this stands for Daily Defense, Dynamic Do All, or Dermatologically Defining. And we’re getting pretty ridiculous by now. This pretty much does the exact same thing but with a focus on anti aging. It’s helps dimish fine lines and wrinkles and give a “youthful” glow to the skin. So leave this to the middle aged people that by that horribly expensive makeup at Macys.

EE Creams:

Stands for Even Effect. Because Estee Lauder wanted to be important again, This one is specifically supposed to defend against UV and sun damage. So it’s like supercharged sunscreen. Again leave this to the older people, though if you’re worried about sun damage and are out in the sun a lot you can use this as well.


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