MOTD: Pastel Goth Alien Princess

So i didn’t get the best picture of this look and my outfit wasn’t making me look so hot so I had to improvise. I wanted to do something pastel-y because I’ve been really into pastel goth and fairy kei fashion lately. I’ve been incorporating pastel colors in my otherwise black wardrobe as well. And I’ve been making an asston of pastel goth accessories so yeah! This is what I was feeling. I used Mostly pinks and purples for this look.

Flower Beauty BB Cream

NYX Liquid Eyeliner in White

NYX eyebrow Gel in black

NYX Color Mascara in Forget Me Not (purple/lavender)

Urband Decay Eye Primer Potion

NYX Jumbo Eye pencil in Milk

bH Cosmetics That’s Heart palette (pink and blue violet color)

Sleek i-Divine Ultra Mattes V1 palette (purple)

Pop Beauty Bright Delight Palette (blue violet and purple)

Start with primer as always then use Milk as a base. Using a white base makes the color pop more. I used the pink in the inner corner of the mobile lid then used the purples in the crease. The blue violet’s were used in the outer corner of the mobile lid and blended it a bit into the crease. This is the normal way I do my eyeshadow so there’s not too much to explain. It’s not a full face makeup either so it’s pretty simple. I freehanded the wing with the white liquid eyeliner which needs like maybe 2-3 coats to get it really opaque. I like it because I’ve been looking for a white liner foreverrrrr and i finally found it. It may not be the best formula (Kat Von D is also making a white liquid liner that I might splurge on) I then used the purple mascara on all my lashes. I didn’t really like this mascara, in fact it seems like all colored mascaras are really poopy. The color pay off wasn’t that great but perhaps if I found a white mascara to use as a base coat then maybe add the purple on top it would pop a bit more. The bb cream was added last with a bit of concealer too. Once that was done I added some of the purple color along my lower lashline. I also used Milk to line my waterline. That’s about it:) Hope you enjoyed!


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