MOTD: Glam Sister

My sister came over last week and because we were hella bored she wanted me to do her makeup. I did a full face on her even though I knew she was going to take it off after. It was still pretty fun. She doesn’t normally wear makeup, like at all, so it was fun to try and make her up full glam. Unfortunately the lighting in my apartment was very yellow and didn’t come out so great. But we still tried to take some glamour shots.

20150328_005248   20150328_005421



Hard Candy Just Face It Featherweight Formula Foundation in Medium

Nyx Conceal Correct Contour in Medium

Flower Beauty Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit

e.l.f Under eye Concealer and Highlighter Duo

Nyx Eyebrow Gel in Black


Naked 3 Palette (Nooner, Blackheart

bH Cosemtics That’s Heart Palette (ivory, caramel, bronze and copper colors)

e.l.f Eyelid primer

e.l.f 3 in 1 Mascara

Physican’s Formula 2-in-1 Eyebooster Eyeliner


Maybelline’s ColorSensational Lipstick in Truffle Tease

Maybelline’s Color Elixir Lipgloss in Caviar Couture


So after spending a billion hours plucking her eyebrows and creating a nice shape I filled them in Nyx’s eyebrow gel in black. I primed the eyelids using the e.l.f primer and used Nooner as a base color. From there I used the lighter bronze shadow from the That’s Heart palette in the crease. I used a soft dome brush to buff it in. I use the darker copper color int he lower part of the crease right by the mobile lid to add a bit more depth. I used a bit of Blackheart in the outer third of the eye to make like an angled liner shape and then buffed that in towards the center of the lid. I made sure not to actually take the color into the Nooner color we laid down before but to go in that direction. For the brow highlight I used the shimmery ivory color in the That’s Heart palette. I buffed that in as well, making it blend into the light bronze color. then I went back in with the other colors in places that needed to be redefined. I added a semi-thick line of the physician’s formula eyeliner to the upper lash line. My sisters eyelashes are short and grow straight out, they barely even curl. I only used one layer of mascara as opposed to my usual three since she was going to take it off right after. It did give her a bit of a curl and some volume. Enough that it didn’t overwhelm her or irritate her eyes (which are pretty sensitive). I lined the bottom line with the ultra luxury liner which is like a kohl eyeliner then clean up the edge of the shadow.


Then I moved onto the contouring. I used the Nyx palette which comes with 6 contour shades in various medium tones. The creams are a little bit stiff and take a little bit of warming up on the fingers when you use them. i don’t like it that much but they do provide a nice bit of color. You can see the contour line under the cheek bone. I recently learned to do the contour colors before you put on the foundation so it looks a bit more natural. Before I used to you bronzer to contour over my foundation. It never looked bad and I’m not sure if that’s a makeup faux pas but it’s what I did. I decided to try out the “under-contour” and I really liked the way it turned out. I added the color in the normal contour places then blended it out with a sponge. I added the concealer under the eyes and used the highlighter on the high points of the face (the first time I’ve used the highlighter side in the duo). before I put the final layer of foundation on I took the green concealer color in teh Flower Beauty kit to balance out the red spots from her acne. She only has small spots of acne so they were pretty easy to cover up. Green cancels out red so that’s probably why you’ve been seeing so many green colored concealers lately! Once the contouring was done I buffed in the foundation with a mini kabuki brush I added a bit of bronzer and highlighting powder from the That’s Heart palette where ever it was needed (following the contours and highpoints of the face)

For the lips I started off with the Truffle Tease lipstick but we found it didn’t look nice on her so I added the purple lipgloss on top and it created the color you see above. It was a really cute shade!



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