Pros and Cons Tag

MeganhasOCD made a tag about writing the pros and cons of being you!

Here are the rules:

1. Write a list of things you think are “pros” about yourself. 

2. Write a list of things you think are “cons” about yourself.

3. Post and share! If you’d like to link back to this post, that’s cool too, but I’m not saying that’s necessary.

So here we go!


 1. I’m awesome

2. i’m really honest

3. when i care about someone, i care about them a great deal

4. i’m very motherly and caring, it just depends on how much I like you

5. I’m creative

6. I can craft like nobody’s business

7. i like learning new things

8. i’m great at cuddling.

9. i hit really hard and instill fear into the hearts of men

10. i’m a good cook and baker

11. i teach myself how to do new things all the time

12. i’m moderately smart in a variety of things

13. i make people laugh a lot/i’m funny

14. i text back really fast/respond right away


1. i’m a huge asshole

2. i hold grudges like nobody’s business

3. if you get on my bad side you will stay there forever

4. i hate people

5. i’m anti social

6. i have anxiety/depression

7. i’m really loud

8. i’m aggressive

9. because i’m so truthful, i say things that people don’t always like to hear

10. i can be really mean sometimes

11. i also tell people when i don’t like them right away

12. i’m hypocritical

13. i’m bossy

14. i always want to get my way

15. i always want to be the leader of things (in my group of friends), this goes with being bossy

16. i get annoyed/agitated easily. Like if i dislike someone’s voice i can’t stand to be around them and I just become the biggest asshole to them

17. I treat guys like they’re unimportant and useless (but this can be a pro:P)

I can’t think of anything else right now so that’s it for now! Go do this tag and link it back to Megan!:)


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