April Ipsy Bag/Annoucement

Hello! It’s already been a month since I got my first Ipsy bag. The first one was to die for in my opinion, i’ve already used up one of the products. This month….ehh not so much. Problem number 1 really, I think is personal opinion? Maybe I’m being to selfish. I was really disapointed in 2 of the sample sizes. They were really rediculously small. I think the only “full size” product they gave me was the nail polish. You can usually get up to 2 full size products (if they’re nice I guess) but the trial sizes they usually do are decently sized. I couldn’t help but to feel cheated out of my the Balm cosmetics eyeshadow and Evelyn Iona Concealer. Sigh….maybe I’m being too picky.

Anyway, On with what I got. This month is Bohemian Spring. The bag itself was much much cuter than the last one. I’m okay with the style and see myself using this one probably for when I go to the beach on vacation. I gave my last bag to my aunt who now uses it for her pills (thanks Ipsy). I actually think my mom would really like the style of this bag and I was tempted to give it to her…if she didn’t already have a giant closet full of purses.

20150416_174614The products that I got were:

JulieG Nail Color in well it doesn’t have an official color name i guess.

Klorane Dry Shampoo

Evelyn Iona Cosemtics Concealer in I would assume a light medium shade

Starlooks Satin Finish Lipgloss

and the Balm Nude Dude Mini eyeshadow in Flirty


I personally think the concealer is too light for me. I know concealer should be a shade lighter than your skin tone but it looks a little off for me. Every cosmetics company’s definition of “medium” skin tone is different too. It has a creamy texture and feels really light. I rubbed some on the back of my hand and it turns out it blends fairly well into my skin. I don’t like the little sample pot it came in, i feel like those are better suited for loose pigment eyeshadows and small dashes of cream.  But it’s going in the vacation bag so I can use it up and destash a bit.

Second, I HATE DRY SHAMPOO. I used it once and it is literally not for me. My hair crimps and curls at the slighest bit of moisture so applying dry shampoo to my scalp makes all my hair curl up. I also don’t have hair products selected on my Ipsy quiz so i have no idea why they sent this too me. I think they have too many customers to actually read through their quizes or they have some computer generated thing that just spits out these stupid products to stuff in a bag. It also says that the shampoo is for brown to dark hair. I have pitch black hair so I’m sure it will show up somehow. Nonetheless it might be nice to use after the beach so I’ll keep it.

the Balm cosmetics. I’ve been dying to try this company out but this dumb tiny sample is annoying me. Obviously i didn’t expect the whole Nude Dude palette in my bag but my Pixi shadows I got last month were bigger than this and I got a duo!! The packaging is unbearably cute though and you bet your ass I’m going to use it. I couldn’t get a nice picture of the swatch but it’s bronzey with what seems like a bit of purple and gold. Sounds weird, looks cute.


Starlooks lipgloss. Not sticky so thats good. It is colored but its a neutral color so when I swatched it on my lips it looked like I had clear gloss on -___-


The nail polish is a deep candy pink. Im not a fan of pink but i think it would look really cute in the summer.


Technically I plan to use all these products up so I can’t complain too much but I wasn’t as excited for this one as my last bag. I hope next months is better!

Announcement: I’ve got around 135 followers now and I’m looking to do a nice giveaway when I hit 200. It will be a destash of my current collection (but all the products will still be unused of course) since I don’t really have enough money to go out an buy things on my own. Sorry! But if you’re still interested in acquiring some of my fave brands that are still untouched and was kind of just sitting in my collection for a few months (less than the expiration date I assure you. This stuff was more impulse buys than anything) then feel free to enter my giveaway. I’ll be making the official post once I hit 200 and all the details and product list will be there. I hope you guys will spread this around. the closer I get to 200 the faster the giveaway will get here!:))


8 thoughts on “April Ipsy Bag/Annoucement

  1. Love the review. I appreciate honesty when reading subscription boxes! I haven’t done my review on here yet, but I do agree with your feelings on the Nude Dude sample size. Hope to see more honesty from you! 🙂


  2. We got the same bag and I was also disappointed 😦 I am olive skin tone and I don’t think the concealer will suit me at all, but I haven’t received it yet so I am not sure. I also don’t use dry shampoo but thankfully my husband does so at least that will get some use, hopefully next month will be better :/ xoxo Janet


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