MOTD: Spring Phresh

Hey guys! So the other day my favorite makeup gal pal Meera invited me to her place to play with makeup. We met one day on the bus when she randomly approached me and asked me if I liked makeup. It was as simple as that. We spent a few times hanging out, doing each other’s makeup and pretending to be supermodels of the world. She called me over recently because she did a nice makeup haul and wanted to show me. Of course I said yes and practically ran over there. She had gotten the Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette and there was this color that stood out to me and I just had to use it in a look.


20150422_180242 copy

Product List:

Anatasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette (Phresh, Anaconda, Orange You Fancy)

Urban Decay Primer Potion

Kryolan Cake Mascara Black Brown

Black/Brown Eyeshadow

Elf Cream Eyeliner in Black

Maybelline Mega Plush Mascara

City Color Contour Palette

Covergirl Trublend Foundation in Sun Beige

Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation in Champagne

Kryolan Concealer Circle

City Color Blush Quad

Nyx Soft Matte Lip Cream in Abu Dubai

Nyx Lip Liner in Espresso

These were all of Meerah’s products so while they’re not necessarily all budget friendly it was still fun to use. I started by applying some Eye Primer Potion to her lids and then packed on the color Phresh (the bright yellow) onto the mobile lid. That yellow literally stood out to me so much and I could get enough of it. I just HAD to use it.


For the crease color I used “Orange You Fancy” which is a soft shimmer orange. These eyeshadow have a decent amount of pigment and are really soft and blendable. They have a good chunk of fallout though. I wish I had a white base to really make the colors pop but I just used what Meerah had on hand. Then I used the color “Anaconda” which is a shimmery dark green and used it on the outer corner of the eye and blended that a little into the orange and yellow.



I added a thin line of cream gel eyeliner and added a few layers of Mega Plush mascara. I carved out the eyebrows using the Kryolan cake mascara and a little bit of water then I set it with dome brown and black eyeshadow. Make sure it’s matte. Meerah said that I made her eyebrows darker than she usually does them, that’s probably because I do my eyebrows jet black to match my hair. I also use a gel now than the powders she uses so it was interesting to see how my style was different from hers. For the face I use one of the lighter shades from the Kryolan Concealer Palette for under the eyes and the high points of the face. I used some of the darker shades for contouring.

                                 20150422_191328 20150422_191332

I then mixed the Benefit and Covergirl foundations to create a custome shade for her face. The covergirl was too dark and the benefit was too light so mixing them together gave her a near perfect shade. I also used the City Color Contour palette to further contour the face. City Color is a cheap brand that is sold in Five Below stores in the US. It comes with a deep brown contour color, a lighter brown bronzer color and a white highlighter, all powders. I’m actually looking to get one the next time I go to 5 Below! The Blush quad was also from the store so that was definitely on a budget!

For the lips she wanted me to overline them. This isn’t something that I normally do so I felt like they looked weird/maybe I didn’t do them right? She thought that I needed to blend the lip liner a bit more. She does her lips more than I do so I trust her judgement. I have naturally full lips so there’s never any reason for me to overline them. But these colors were absolutely amazing that I just had to use them. I wanted a more neutral lip that wouldn’t clash with the bright pops of colors I used on the eyes.

                          20150422_202800 20150422_202803

The look took me awhile to do but that’s because I was being such a perfectionist, haha. Meerah also did a look on me but I forgot to write down what products she used on me. My look was a nice neutral smoky eye (which I loved!!) and my eyebrows looked perfect. Eyebrows are too important for me so we both spent a lot of time on each other’s eyebrows haha.

But here are some shots of us together.

20150422_202824 20150422_202822

Please Check out Meerah on her Social Media sites. She has a Youtube channel and an Instagram so send her some love! Until next time ❤


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