MOTD: Easy Natural/Pin Up Look

So this is my everyday makeup look but I added a little zazz to it by curling my hair and adding a cute ribbon to it. My hair is naturally curly but I like to add rollers to my hair and let it sit overnight to create more formed curls and have it be less of a haphazard afro. The hairband is red with white polka dots which gives it a very pinup-y look. For the makeup itself I used 3 products: E.l.f.’s Tinted Moisturizer, Nyx Eyebrow Gel and Rimmel Londons Kate Lipstick. Even though I used 3 products It made it seem like I put more time and effort into it than I actually did. This takes me like…5 minutes to do and it’s nice to give yourself a little sprucing up once in awhile even if it’s really simple. The best part is that I didn’t even have to wake up early to do this! You can even add dabs of concealer, a bit of mascara and eyeliner if you so choose which would probably only add an extra 5 minutes to the routine. But it’s not that bad either!

20150424_172828 20150424_172833


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