May Ipsy Unboxing/Life Updates

Hey guys! As I’ve mentioned before I was on vacation for two weeks in South Carolina visiting my family down there. I actually didn’t do many makeup looks since I had a limited amount of makeup with me and it was so hot sometimes that I didn’t even feel like wearing anything on my face (I was going to sweat it off anyway). Even my biggest day at Myrtle Beach was bare faced because I had to wake up at 8 am and pretty much slept the two hours ride there. So I’m really sorry I haven’t been producing  enough content. This might be slowed down even more since I finally got a job! I’ll be working part time in the summer as well as during the school year, but then I’ll have school work to do so blogging time might be at a minimum. I want to do a few makeup looks and my sister really wants me to make her into a mermaid so I might do that this weekend haha. Also I have a billion other different interests because I always need to keep my hands and mind occupied so I get bogged down with wanting to do so many different things. I am also very lazy and end up vegging out in bed all day so…yeah X3

Anyway when I got home from my trip I found my May Ipsy bag was in the mail. I wasn’t excited because I’m used to getting them now but this month featured some pretty decent products I’ve got to say. Plus the bag is the CUTEST and hands down my favorite bag out of the three months I’ve gotten. I can’t wait to use it in my bag so little things I want to carry around.

I love this bag so much

20150527_145750Here’s what I got in my bag:

Urban Decay’s Revolution high Color Lipgloss in Failbait and Bittersweet as well as a 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil

Briogeo Rosarco Milk Reparative leave-in Conditioning Spray

Amie Naturally Kind Morning Dew Matte-Finish Moisturizing creme

Tapered Blending brush from Luxie

Bella Pierre Gel Eyeliner in Ebony

I’m glad that I got these products! These are actually things I’d like to use. I’m a sucker for leave in conditioning sprays and it’s something that I do with my hair almost everytime after I wash it. The Rosarco is a combination of rosehip, argan, and coconut oils. The smell is really sweet and the spray is slightly thick (it’s still liquid enough to come out the spray nozzle) and creamy. It’s supposed to provide “moisture, strength, manageability, and softness”. I’m actually growing my hair out now and need all the strength I can get in it. my Wen shampoo has actually helped my hair get thicker once again. When I became a vegetarian it was thinning out because I didn’t get a lot of protein and also I started bleaching my hair soon after so that also thinned out my hair. I don’t feel like I’ll see much of a difference in my hair since I don’t wash it that often but I will still use this up, believe that!


Ok, I must admit I was like suuuuuper excited to get some Urban Decay in my bag since I can’t afford it on my own but was still slightly disappointed that this wasn’t the full size product of the month. None the less it’s Urban Decay so i’m still kind of happy with it. The product came with a travel size of the 24/7 Glide on Lip Pencil which is supposed to be a primer for the lips before you put the lipgloss on. The Pencil itself has no color and a slightly hard consistency. It’s still a bit smooth when doing on the skin though.



The lipgloss Failbait is a pinkish coral color while Bittersweet is a deep violet. I love my purple colors so I like bittersweet more just by looking at it. I was to test the Glide on Pencil with the UD lipglosses first and see how they hold up and then use it with other lipglosses as well.

The Belle Pierre eyeliner was a bit disappointing as the full size product of the month. I have a bunch of eyeliners and I don’t really need more but this one is really nice. The color is really rich and the pencil is creamy similar to a kohl pencil. The only downside is that I’m not sure if I can sharpen it and get more of the pencil or it’s just the little bit. I’ll try to sharpen it once I begin using it. But if it doesn’t sharpen then there not really a point of paying retail value for a little bit of eyeliner no matter how wonderful it is. Always get more bang for your buck. (It’s such a nice eyeliner though)



The last product is the moisturizer. I always love moisturizing skin care since my skin can get dry quickly. In the summer it’s not as bad but I think this would be nice to use in the morning before I go to work. We have the AC running sometimes and that can dry out the skin as well. Not to mention this is specifically a matte-finish product, which I love. I’m not a fan of dewy looking skin. I think you can be glowing without looking like a headlight or like you need to wipe 10 pounds of oil off your face. Plus I think it might help combat the summer heat at least a little.


Also another quick update I’m close to 160 followers which means only 40 more followers until I hit the 200 mark and I can do my first giveaway! How awesome is that! I hope to get there soon. Let me know what you guys got in your Ipsy bags and if you like your products as much as I did. See you soon!


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