MOTD: Nighttime Smokey Eye and Bonus Makeup!

So my sister and I didn’t do a mermaid as planned but I did do some awesome nighttime club like makeup on her. I did a blueish smokey eye using deep shades of blue.  I complimented that with a soft neutral lipgloss and did a bit on contouring.I like doing full glam looks on my sister even if we dont go anywhere.


Here’s what I used:


Pop Beauty Bright Up Your Life-Bright Delights Palette

Nyx Single Eyeshadow in Whipped Cream

Belle Pierre Gel Eyeliner

ELF 3-in-1 Lengthening Mascara

Benefit’s They’re Real Mascara

Pixi Ultimate Beauty Collection 2nd Edition

ELF Eyeshaodw Primer in Sheer


Maybelline Fit me Matte and Poreless FOundation in Pure Beige

Flower Beauty Hollywood Secret Concealer Kit

City Color Contour Effects Palette

City Color Blush Quad Collection 1

Cream Concealer Palette (ebay)


Nyx Eyebrow Gel in black

Brown/Black Eyeshadow


Starlooks Lipgloss in Cuddle

I first started with the ELF eyeshadow primer. Then using a small, flat c shape brush I picked up this light blue color from the Pop Beauty Palette. I swept this all over the mobile lid. I didn’t use a white base either like I normally do. I didn’t want this look to be bright but more dark and sultry.


For the crease I used a fluffy blending brush and this blue from the Pixi palette. I used a windshield wiper motion and took it all the way up to the browbone. It sounds extreme I know but I think it turned out really well! I also wanted to tackle blue eyeshadow because it can look really…hookerish/garage door ish. (Garage Doors are when you use a single color all over your eyelid). I normally stay away from blue but i don’t know, inspiration struck I guess.20150530_203247

For the outer third of the eyelid I used a small angled brush and the deeper blue/almost blue violet shade from the Pop Beauty palette.


I kept having to add the 1st light blue color to the center of the lids because the darker colors would kind of overwhelm it. I also blending some of the deep blue violet color a bit with the crease color. Just to make sure everything is nice a smooth but each color stood out on it’s own. In the inner corner/tear duct area. I just added a small dab of white (the colored Whipped Cream) from NYX and blending it slightly into the light blue. Not too much but enough to make sure it didn’t look like a giant bright highlight.


To finish off the eyes I used the Bella Pierre Gel Eyeliner which is absolutely creamy and delightful. I used a pointed smudge brush to soften the line a bit as well. To finish off the eyes I used one coat of ELF 3-in-1 Lengthening Mascara and Benefit’s They’re Real mascara. the 3-in-1 added length to my sisters eyelashes because her’s are very short and grow straight out. I planned on using an eyelash curler as well but I had already put on the first coat of mascara when I remembered -__-. The Benefit mascara added volume and a little bit of thickness to her lashes. It actually looked like she had lashes now!

                                              20150530_211314 20150530_211319

For the eyebrows I used the Nyx eyebrow gel on the outer tail of the eyebrow. Towards the front I used a brown and black matte eyeshadow together to create a softer/gradient look in the front.


Since I wanted to do a full face look I started by first wiping away any fallout with a makeup wipe. Then I applied a combination of a really light and a slightly darker concealer from the Flower Beauty Concealer Palette. I just used my ring finger and my damp Real Techniques beauty sponge to blend.


For the face I didn’t use a primer and instead applied the Fit Me Foundation with a beauty sponge.20150530_210239

I did use my cream contour kit (from ebay) as well as the City Color Contour Effects to contour the face.


Here’s the final look! Finally got her smiling


And now for the the bonus makeup. let’s turn this hot babe in a Zom-Babe!!

I used Bloody Mary’s Liquid Latex

Cream colors from Cinema Secrets, Theatrical effects

Blood from the Halloween Store (the cheap kind), Blood Paste and Cinema Secrets Blood Gel.

Prosthetics from Halloween stores, I can’t remember the brands though:(

Wolfe Water Activated Paints

The first prosthetic I used was a pulled back face/exposed dental piece. It covered the whole mouth but I wanted to use half of it to add a bit of zombie imperfection to the skin.


I simply took some regular scissors and cut it in half. I then used a makeup wedge sponge (never used brushes with latex. Use disposable cosmetics sponges for easier cleanup) to add latex to the back of the prosthetic as well on the the outer edges of the prosthetic so it sticks to the face. Latex is completely safe to use on the face (unless of course you have a latex allergy) but you really don’t want to get it in any body hair. There are ways to protect your eyebrows if you’re going to be applying prosthetics and latex to your forehead. Make sure you don’t get any latex on teh hair on your head either or else you’ll be ripping out chunks from the roots.


She makes such lovely faces doesn’t she? The white is the latex. When latex dries it becomes clear so it’s a easy way of knowing it’s ok to move onto the next step. The second prosthetic I used was an exposed muscle looking patch with a vein which was applied the same way as the exposed teeth, on the left temple. Once the latex is dry dust some transparent or white setting powder. I used one from Cinema Secrets. I also sometimes use one from ELF.


For the next step I used a large variety of cream colors. Cream colors are easy to blend and add depth to prosthetics to make them look more realistic. I used blood reds, deep reds, deep deep reds that almost look black (but not black itself), blue greens, deep yellows, pale/pink skin tones, blues and browns. The reds are to simulate dark parts of the tissue as well as mimicking a blood stain color around the mouth. Zombies don’t clean up after their meals so the blood color gets caked on. I used the blue, greens and yellows to add bruising as well as a jaundice like tone to the skin. Even though the foundation was on before hand and gave her a glowy look, adding a bit of these colors helped make the skin look a little more dead. Of course paling out the skin before hand with a foundation (around 2 shades lighter) would be good but my sister is a fabulous zombie and had nice skin before the disease consumed her. It’s kind of hard to explain how I added the cream colors. I just did what I thought looked right. You can always look up reference pictures because they always make things better but I just free handed it. Bruises are my favorite things to do as well so i did a lot of the yellow in my makeup. A few extra things I did was clean the teeth off because the cream colors made them a little muddy and I wanted the teeth to stand out. For the vein on the forehead prosthetic I used a light blue to make it pop. Add the darker colors around the edges of the prosthetics to add depth and put the lighter colors towards the center, almost like a gradient. When I wanted to add flesh colors back into the prosthetic to give it a bit of brightness I add skintone cream colors to it.

Also a very important tip is don’t splatter blood everywhere. Putting blood everywhere doesn’t make your makeup better. In fact globbing on a ton of blood takes away from all the nice color work you’ve done beforehand. I used a stipple sponge to dab on the cheap blood. It’s like a thick red corn syrup texture and creates nice splatter texture when paired with the sponge. Blood paste is thicker. When you add it on it looks like clumps of blood, so it’s thicker and similar to little clots. I used it around the mouth as a way to show like she had just finished eating as well as around the head prosthetic to kind of give an aged blood look for the wound.  Blood gel has a similar texture to the cheap blood so I didn’t use it that much. Lastly I added some”graveyard dust” which is just black powder. It adds a dirtiness and gritiness to the look because even thought she’s pretty she’s got to get down and dirty.

.20150530_221308 20150530_221314 20150530_221321 20150530_221327 20150530_221409


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