Love/Hate Tag

When am I ever not inspired by Dorkchops posts? Answer: Never. She always finds the best tags and since I’ve been slacking on my posts due to a variety of reasons I thought I would tackle this tag.

The rules are simple post 10 things you hate and 10 things you love, you can also tag ten blogs to do this as well. Mine will be fairly simple but I hope everyone enjoys it.

Things I Love:

1. Cats

2. Pizza

3. Naps

4. Crafting, any and all kinds of crafting. any new hobby I can get my hands on I will do it.

5. Animals, alive or dead. I’m a huge animal advocate, I cry even if someone says the words animal abuse ( i cried violently when I thought my aunt was going to send her dog to a shelter that kills-she didn’t thankfully) but I also really love taxidermy and wet specimens. I think they’re just….cute. I find beauty in different and unusal things.

6. Baking. I like to bake because baking calms me down. Whenever I’m sad I always bake. Plus you get a nice treat afterwords that always makes you feel better.

7. Wrestling. I’ve been watching wrestling since I was 4 and sometime in the middle of highschool I stopped watching it. It wasn’t until a year ago that I randomly decided to watch Monday Night Raw and boy oh boy did I find three of my favorite (and sexy) wrestlers. They were new and took me by storm. I haven’t stopped watching wrestling since. In case you’re wondering my favorites now are Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns, and Seth Rollins. Someone talk to me about wrestling! I’ll go on for hours.

8. Pokemon/Video Games in general. Pokemon is literally as old as I am and I’ve been watching it since I was 4 and playing pokemon for 10 years. I’ve played every pokemon game on the handheld consoles and even begged my mom for a 3DS just to get pokemon X and Y. I also play video games all the time. Almost any kind. I’m not good at them and they frustrate me easily but I still find them so entertaining. I wouldn’t mind playing them all the time (well sort of. I need a break before i break my tv)

9. Writing. Honestly this should be number 1. I’ve been writing since I was 10. I wrote my first fanfiction about Naruto and I’ve kept writing fanfiction for a bunch of other things since. I’ve also tried several times to write novels but I try to sit and write the whole thing from start to finish when i have ideas for different parts of the story like all over the place. It’s hard for me to break that habit even though I really should because It’s stopped me from completing a novel to this day. I still want to write a novel someday and get it published.

10. Chapstick. really I can’t live without it.

Things I Hate:

I imagine this will be a much easier list.

1. School. I really hate school. I’ve always gotten in good grades and I participate in a few activities, hell I even have a job at my college but I really really hate school. I feel like I never learn anything and it’s just caused me stress, anxiety, and self doubt over the course of 15 years. I still have some more schooling to go though. A year and a half left to get my Bachelor’s and 2-4 years of mortuary school. Yes, I plan to be a mortician someday.

2. The fact that I’m exactly like my mother. Like I mean a carbon copy. Exactly like her. The reason I hate this so much is because this makes us butt heads 24/7 and it can be really difficult to live with her. We always argue and she always thinks she’s right and that’s not always the case. It can be really frustrating.

3. My first relationship. Honestly I wish I could erase the whole 6 years from my memory and just not even have to deal with it at all. In some ways I am grateful because it helped me grow up and change the way i see and act around people but it also just wasn’t worth all the stress in my life either.

4.  Depression. I just want to be happy and not feel like I’m bogged down all the time. I wish I could just go out and not be so introverted. I wish i could find joy in doing things instead of them becoming monotonous.

5. Less serious things, cleaning. Well honeslty the back pain i get from cleaning and how sweaty i get.

6. Being broke. Man, everyone knows how frustrating this is. It’s no secret. I was unemployed for an entire year and it was rough as all hell.

7. not having enough space for makeup. This is a huge pain in the ass!>.<

8. Not getting enough sleep/waking up early.

9. Running out of things for my bubble bath



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